Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1075

30 09 2014

USF4 Chun Li lightning legs piano demonstration by Desk. Haven’t seen him in a while, but he’s back, making this look easy.

P4U2 Mitsuru combo video by Hidaka

P4U2 Akihiko fatal counter combo video by Moon No. 2

KOF XIII Elisabeth combo video by あんへる勢

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Linne combo video by Alpaca

P4U2 Mitsuru combo tutorial C and D starters by Hidaka

KOF XIII Billy combo clip by Ge Os

P4U2 Adachi Tohru console trailer (English)

P4U2 Marie console trailer (English)

P4U2 Aigis console trailer (English)

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1074

29 09 2014

UMvC3 FT20 money match between Filipino Champ and Nemo. Pretty exciting set though there’s some drops etc occasionally.

KOF XIII Hwa and Iori combo video by Dune

USF4 combo video by cjbqulix

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late combo video by Hinai

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Tomoka combo video

KOF02 Yuri combo clip by Aldevaran & Maiden Masher

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Marshall and Forest Law combos by Ortega

UMvC3 Haggar, Tron, Doctor Doom combo clip by Kane Blueriver

P4U2 Shadow Ken combo challenge 30 solutions. Shadow mode then perform a few reps of that move

KOF XIII Andy safe jumps by Gutts


28 09 2014

Haha, I am late for this week’s update once again. I guess in some ways I am finding it increasingly difficult to come up with an entry these days. Ok I admit there’s also other stuff delaying me from facing this little box too. Well, as usual I will find something to fill this up, I hope.

For starters, there was a little company event earlier this week and it was a good reason to get off work for a bit, even though I ended up overstraining myself and blew a day of annual leave (bye bye leave in lieu) just so that I could sleep in peace. Well, I suppose it is mostly my bad for not putting effort in building a stronger physical body during the usual days anyway. But it was still fun in its own right though I think the dinner was kind of disappointing. At least it is a new experience for me, since my previous workplace had no such activity. Of course it wouldn’t have budget for such a thing since it can’t even afford to settle all its outstanding debt that is due to normal and past operations. Ah well, probably have to take more drastic measures soon, though it is really not my style to be doing such a thing. But I may not really have a choice soon… Sigh. The next month will be the deciding factor, so we shall wait and see what happens.

The coming week will only have 5 fighting game video entries, since the end of a quarter is coming so it is time for another search terms update. Lol, considering how the recent visit count goes, it is probably gonna be another rather bland entry in the series. What’s new right. Anyhow, this 3 month period is also a meaningful milestone in another sense I suppose, hehe. Apart from that, it also seems that I will not be able to ‘escape’ anymore and likely will have to move to a new project for real. Though I did do some reading up, it still feels very foreign to me with many unknowns at this point. Knowing me, I will probably be bugged by it for quite some time to come, until it becomes relatively familiar to handle. Guess it’s just another bad ‘habit’ which I have that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon. Hic.

Well then, after much struggles I guess this is it for the week. I still have some things to do in the remaining hours of the weekend before another full week of work. Hmm, come to think of it, I am not exactly looking forward to it. Oh well, I will get used to it eventually, I guess. Haha, well then time to pack up the blog for the week and move on with what I usually roll with. Take care and I will see you during the long weekend. See ya.


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