Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1094

24 10 2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video by Zettroid, Ortega, Tonberry Mishima, MightyKAZ and JFSL

USF4 Oni combo video by ArmchairTitan

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combos by O.G.

P4U2 Sho combo video by Amato

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Lars and Kazuya combo video by TRENZANOCORPORATION

BBCP2 changes introduction videos

Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Taokaka

Tager, Litchi, Arakune, Bang

P4U2 character moves introduction by AtlusUSA




Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1093

23 10 2014

USF4 Yun and Yang combo video by cjbqulix

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combos by Eloge Hakizimana

UMvC3 Vergil spiral swords into TAC tech by Cloud805

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jin and Devil Jin combo video preview by DIGGS-86 and O.G.

UMvC3 Spencer, Rocket Raccoon and Frank West combo clip by Kane Blueriver

P4U2 Margaret combo video by Sugi_VS

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax official combo videos

Himeragi Yukina

Satomi Rentaro

Guilty Gear Xrd gameplay footage

Ky Kiske vs Sin Kiske

Sol Badguy vs Elphelt Valentine

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends

22 10 2014


Japanese title: るろうに剣心 伝説の最期編
Rating: NC-16
Running time: 135 minutes
Opens: 9 October 2014, Now showing

Some info:
1) AsianWiki
2) IMDB Profile
3) Official Site (Japanese)

The final installment of this live-action in this fairly well-received adaptation, I knew that there was going to a heck lot of important events to cover, if they were to follow that of the original writing (or at least for me it’s the anime counterpart) and indeed it proved to be a tad too much in this aspect.

The story continues from where the previous movie left off, so it might be a bad idea if you happen to be a first timer when it comes to the Kenshin franchise. While many of the important plot checkpoints are preserved, the deviations made in the earlier movies will inevitably lead to further changes here. In fact, some of the iconic battles were reduced very, very greatly over here to the point that it probably lost its original purpose of having such a character and face-off battle.

But to make up for it, they tried to make the final battle more epic with lots of actions involving more people than the original. Well, I can’t say I exactly love the way it turned out, but I felt that it actually suited the way how the movie was going. Haha, but of course there are some very puzzling loopholes or illogical developments. Never mind, take it with a pinch of salt. Heh, you will know what I mean should you eventually watch this movie.

A journey has come to an end and it is probably one of the better live action adaptations in recent times. I understand some important details have been altered but that is kind of like the norm to expect from such live action productions. At least we can see that on many fronts much effort was put in to make it a better movie experience which is a very good thing. Of course there will be some things that the anime/manga be better at, but this isn’t all that bad if you are not intending to take that route. It has been a pretty enjoyable trilogy for me and I hope to see more quality live action productions in future.


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