Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1027

2 08 2014

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late character videos. It covers basic moves, tactics and combos




KOF02 Angel combo clip by ALX. All those kicks…

KOF XIII Saiki combo clip by Ge Os

USF4 Evil Ryu stun combos by RyuApprentice

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Rentarou combo video by Sugi_vs

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Anna combo video by dark3rdmage

Killer Instinct T.J. Combo 190 hit combo clip by Maximilian

P4U2 Yukari Takeba trailer (English)

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1026

1 08 2014

USF4 combo video by Doopliss. It is a massive video covering all the characters from AE2012 and some of those combos are really quite stylish and interesting. Great job and nice soundtrack too.

Leftover combos from various games by pepopulo. These are the stuff that didn’t make the ComboVid EVO video by this combo maker. Somehow I find the flow fairly entertaining. Haha.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combos by theater10. More of the chicken!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Hwoarang and Miharu combo clip by KRX

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 wall combos by asdf0055. These should be weight class specific if I read that right

KOF02 Angel combo clip by ALX

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Momiji combo video by Emperor Cow

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late basic system and game mechanics. Quite informative if you are new to the game.

P4U2 Junpei Iori trailer (English)

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1025

31 07 2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video by GuC11. Hmm, maybe it’s more of a setup video instead. Interesting find nonetheless.

KOF02 Whip combo clip by ALX. Seeing something new again. Yay

KOF XIII Saiki combo clip by Ge Os

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Lei and Bryan combo clip by Ortega

KOF XIII Mature option select against command grab and others. Some of the situations are indeed not bad…

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Hwoarang and Yoshimitsu combo clip by KRX. Yes, no sound in this clip

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Nanase combos

P4U2 Rise Kujikawa trailer (English)

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax new character trailer

USF4 costumes trailer #2


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