Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1020

25 07 2014

KOF XIII Shen combo clip by Ge Os

KOF2002 combo video by KOF Furious

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video by MightyKAZ

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Devil Jin and Nina combo video by StudBuddha

UMvC3 Spider Man combo video by xero18

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Armor King and Bryan combo video by TRENZANOCORPORATION

BBCP Ragna combo video by Hyupasu. Yes, the audio is removed.

Project Justice combo video by Justice Gakuen fan club

UMvC3 combo hit counter irregularity by Wolverine Master

Tekken 7 announcement trailer

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1019

24 07 2014

This entry will be entirely dedicated to the top 8 videos for KOF XIII tournament at Evolution 2014. Not sure I will be posting other games but this is definitely in. Call me biased, I don’t care. Anyway, some quality matches here and we can also see some of the effects of tournament pressure kicking in.

Top 8 Winners Bracket semis:

Qanba Xiaohai vs MCZ Tokido

TC Yoshi vs LDA ET

Top 8 Winners Bracket finals:

Qanba Xiaohai vs LDA ET

Top 8 Losers Bracket:

CafeID MADKOF vs TC Chris

Woo vs VGM Misterio

Top 8 Losers Bracket quarters

CafeID MADKOF vs TC Yoshi

Woo vs MCZ Tokido

Top 8 Losers Bracket semis and finals

CafeID MADKOF vs MCZ Tokido

MCZ Tokido vs LDA ET

Grand Finals: MCZ Tokido vs Qanba Xiaohai

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1018

23 07 2014 style exhibition v. three by various combo makers across a huge variety of games and cool combos.

Black characters combo video (reloaded edition) by various combo makers

KOF XIII Duo Lon combo clip by persona. Wow.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Paul combo clip by Diety Devil

KOF XIII Hwa combo clip by Ge Os

TvC Alex and Megaman combos by Oreo311

BBCP Jin combo video by BAL

UMvC3 double Firebrand combo clip by Wolverine Master

Injustice: Gods Among Us Deathstroke frame trap setup by Tony T

P4U2 PS3 trailer


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