Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1051

1 09 2014

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle Jonathan combo video by なまこ

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Kazuya combo video by MightyKAZ

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Xiaoyu, Jun, Kunimitsu combo video by James Kiseijou

USF4 Hugo combo video by cjbqulix

USF4 Decapre combo video by Saki

USF4 Evil Ryu combos by LordofUltima

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate DLC maid costumes trailer (English)

P4U2 Sho console trailer (English)

P4U2 Minazuki console trailer (English)

P4U2 Shadow Labrys console trailer (English)

2 down, 1 to go

31 08 2014

Another week of work has passed and it was pretty peaceful this week which is a good thing. Speaking of which, I’m am two-third way through the probation period though so far I haven’t really felt like it is one compared to some stories I have heard. I suppose that’s also a good thing too! Also finally gotten my official pass so now I can enjoy those staff benefits and discounts where applicable though so far I don’t think I will be utilising any of them yet. Hopefully my current jobwill continue to be a relatively positive experience for some time to come since I doubt I would want to be going anywhere else just yet.

I suppose this past week has also been rather uneventful since I was mostly trying to deal with an upset foot for the most part in the earlier half of the week so there wasn’t really much spare energy to be doing much else. Just glad that it is resolved for the time being and I hope it doesn’t come back to visit me anytime soon, though hoping for its disappearance forever is probably going to be quite the impossible task. That said, there will still be the usual fare of fighting game stuff in the coming week, thanks to the constant release of content which is partly due to the recent launch of yet another game for the consoles. There is still a bunch of videos yet to be cleared and it seems that I am slowing treading into a dangerous backlog even though the number count is reducing. That’s because I am kind of skipping over the longer videos for the time being so that the entries for the week could be made ready earlier. Yeah, videos longer than 10 minutes can be a little daunting. But I guess I should really work on clearing those gradually or else it’ll really be troublesome for me later on. Lol.

Well then, I suppose this has to be one of the most uneventful updates even by my standard. Haha, well can’t help it when there’s really nothing much to be talking about. Perhaps it will be better next month, depending on how the company event goes. Then again that’s not happening this immediate week. Ah well, see you around next time.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1050

30 08 2014

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video by Mugenin. Oh, it’s the Bob trick again.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Heihachi and Paul combos by Diety Devil

KOF XIII Kensou combo clip by Ge Os

Tekken Revolution Law combo video by TheSaiyanjin2

USF4 combo video by Sonyono

P4U2 Shadow Kanji combo video

USF4 quirky hurtboxes clip by Tom Sinister. Wow.

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Nanase combos by Adelheid Stark

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate DLC maid costumes trailer

Mortal Kombat X Kano reveal trailer. Looks like a new map too


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