Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1068

22 09 2014

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Vatista combo video by Eroi

KOF02 Daimon combo clip by Maiden Masher

KOF02 Kensou combo clip by ALX

P4U2 Shadow Mitsuru combo video by Hidaka

UMvC3 Spencer combo/tutorial video by MiniBawse. Features a huge variety of conversions and confirms

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Yoshimitsu tag assault combos by Ortega

UMvC3 double/triple Dante combo video by Rikir. Of course it utilises a savestate hack

KOF XIII Ash SDM option select by Gutts

KOF XIII Chin stance cancel advantage by Gutts

KOF XIII avoid mid-high projectiles demonstration by Gutts. There are more possibilities than these of course.


21 09 2014

To be honest, I am at quite a loss on what to write for this week’s update. The main reason as you might have guessed is that there isn’t really much eventful stuff worth mentioning but as usual I will try my best to fluff up stuff to make it look like a decent length entry. So far, I think I have managed to successfully pull it off whenever I needed to so I guess I will need to pull a trick or two again. =D

Work wise, I am pretty close to the end of my probation period and I have also finished a small sharing session earlier in the week. The stay at this project/product is coming to an end for me, probably by next week or the end of the month, and likely the new one I’m going to will present me with new opportunities to learn new stuff for real, also likely to increase the real value of my resume should I need to whip it out in future. Will probably be a challenging start when the switch happens, so I can only hope I will be able to handle it with relative less pain and I will be contented with that. For now, there will be some company to look forward to I suppose, at least it’s a break from the usual work routine though I am not so sure if the team building event will work out as the name suggests. Only time will tell, and it will also be my first official company event with some activity I guess. New experience eh?

“In line” with the recent iPhone release, I have also joined in and thinking about what options to look at for my future phone. Of course, for those who know me will understand that the fruity product is definitely not going to be on my list due to the pricing but more importantly, with the recent changes to the price plans of telcos, there is a need for me to re-evaulate what is currently offered on the market as I believe they are unlikely to undergo much changes if any at all by the time I am eligible for handset change without additional top up. After understanding from the sales department, I realise there’s going to be some problems trying to avoid increased expenditure on that front. Sigh, so much for competition eh. Well, part 1 of my evaluation is done. Will probably begin on part 2 once the various telco sites are actually more accessible, likely thanks to the masses trying to place an order for their preferred iPhone model/colour or something.

Been clearing more videos in my YouTube backlog, and it will continue for quite some time to come. Hehe, the only downside is that it is really taking up quite a bit of time in order to finish them all. Actually, finish is the wrong word to use. Probably more like keeping it under control while trying to gain ground on it. Lol, yeah well at the rate I am going it will eventually be finished as long as I keep it up. Haha. I suppose some people are looking forward to arrival of this day. Oh well, I think I have fluffed up enough words for the week and I shall be off to do the usual post-update activities. See you next week! Take care everyone…

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1067

20 09 2014

Collection of USF4 ultras without cinematic with a full stage view by moo422. Oh… interesting to see how these animations turn out. Explains all the position changes when ultras land…

USF4 all summer vacation DLC compilation by NYC Kreeds. Neat compilation to see everything in a (relatively) short time.

KOF94 Brazil team tool assisted superplay by ジスペケ

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Yuzuriha combo video by Annerose+++

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late Waldstein combo clip by Gashi

KOF XIII Hwa combo clip by Ge Os

KOF02 Kim combo clip by CyberxKxDashx

KOF XIII Vice frametrap/option select by Gutts

KOF XIII Chin stance option select by Gutts

KOF XIII Saiki sweep option select by Gutts


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