Time Management and Priorities

15 07 2018

Oh, time for another weekly update and I’m unfashionably late once again. Nothing surprises me at this point. Well at least this time I have already scheduled the other entries of the week so it is slightly better than the previous week, but this time I don’t have a day off tomorrow so I don’t have the luxury of chilling on Monday until I plan my next break/leave period.

Work wise, it wasn’t a full work week for me, but it was kind of busy and I suppose I am starting to feel the pace a little. That said, it is still pretty manageable workload so I am not that worried yet, especially when it seems that I have been doing a pretty good job so far according to the recent review I had. Of course, they don’t have a whole lot to review on since I’m only there for a few months now but at least it’s a good start probably. Will wait and see how that turns out in the next one some half a year down the road. Looks like it will still a pretty packed few weeks ahead of me, but hopefully it is still something that is still within control. In the meantime, there are still things to get used to at work, and thankfully it seems it is quite accommodating to people trying to figure out how things work or at least that’s the vibe I get so far.

Been spending some time playing games and all, so haven’t really worked on the backlog that much and in fact I have now a writing backlog to deal with again, partially because a season of drama and variety shows have ended not too long ago and of course I am still in the midst of catching up. Originally intended to write them off (literally?) today, but ended up playing games again, so lol yeah I only managed enough entries for the most pressing days ahead since my subconscious is telling me that these “reviews” entries will probably take years before it is their time to show up, till the point that some entries may be entirely obsolete by the time it gets published at this rate. Haha. Oh well, it is more of a record for myself and a habit to keep more than anything else so I will probably try not to give it up anytime soon unless I really figure out what I want to do and devote all my time and effort to it. I guess that means I will need to find some window to work on those entries during the week. Growing the list too huge has proven to be a burden when I try to write multiple entries at one go because I am just bad at writing for a long stretch I suppose.

Well then, it’s pretty late and tomorrow is a working day, so I guess I should start to wrap up and prepare for another packed week ahead. Take care and I should be back again the following weekend if nothing crops up.


Trying Things Out

8 07 2018

Ok, I am late this week again but technically it’s no longer the same day anymore so it’s not the usual pattern. Well, not that it really matters a lot considering the traffic on this blog these days.

Work wise, the past week has been all right, although the progress on my main task isn’t going all that smooth and sometimes it can be a little frustrating especially when it is something out of your control. I guess we’ve already feedback whatever we could about the current situation and I shall see what will come of it later in the week after I return on Tuesday. Yep, I’m taking a day off tomorrow (today?) as a little reward for me to have a longer weekend during my birthday period. Lol, still sticking to my old habits in some ways I suppose. Not going to worry about it at the moment, but I think it has a good chance of not being able to meet the original deadline and I will see what sort of measures or strategies would be taken when such things happen, giving me an opportunity to see how things are run and managed for a different kind of scenario which is a good thing I suppose.

Also went to have a look at the place where the local fighting game community supposedly gathers. The venue isn’t too far from my place actually and isn’t as inaccessible as I thought, and the setups are quite nicely done. That said, it is probably not somewhere I would go on a regular basis definitely since I realise that playing vs isn’t my kind of thing even though it is the genre that I like. I suppose I enjoy a different aspect of it though it was still quite fun getting some hands on for a game which I would probably not be getting anytime soon. If I was still into making combos, perhaps I would consider picking it up once it has some kind of decent discount, but I don’t think that is happening anytime soon. At least I kind of figured out what works for me and what doesn’t that well.

Sadly, I haven’t scheduled entries for the coming week and to be honest I am a little behind time in terms of the drafts prepared. For some reason I haven’t been spending a lot of time on watching YouTube clips. I suppose I will have to spend some time on my off day to catch up a bit so that at least the coming week will go smoothly. For now (after this entry), I will just put up whatever I have so far so that it can run for a couple of days. Not sure if it’s because I am trying to start different kind of activities and paying attention to things which I haven’t. Maybe it is also about time I prioritise and learn to give up some of the other things. It’s not that easy actually. Ah well, I will figure out as it goes.

I think that’s about it for this week’s update and it’s probably time to start working on some of the backlog during the precious off day. Take care and see you next week.

p.s. a pity I didn’t get any wishes from certain people whom I thought I would…

Hello 2nd Half of 2018

1 07 2018

Technically if you count by days wise, it is not yet the 2nd half of the year, but going by calendar month it is already so and I guess most people will refer now to being the 2nd half of the year so I shall “follow”. In any case, it isn’t particularly important when it comes to my blog I presume and I will probably be going through the same old format as usual.

Work wise, it wasn’t such a bad week, though there was quite a bit of stuff to do. Seems this coming month will be eventful as well, though I would say it is still much less stressful than what I had to deal with in the past. I’ve noticed some changes with myself, though the big changes have still yet to take shape, granted a few of those areas haven’t been worked on at all just yet. I suppose some things don’t really change easily, especially with someone like me who doesn’t have that much of a conviction to do stuff in general. Lol.

Backlog wise, I haven’t cleared very much though I guess it is the time of the year where some series wrap up though I am still slowly going through the stuff. That said, I guess I have also written some drafts which is kind of a lot more than what I have been doing in the recent weeks. Then again, the only category which matters at this point is still to continue with fighting game videos and the YouTube backlog is indeed growing because I am kind of slow in clearing them though I have once again managed to squeeze out sufficient content for the week ahead. Come to think of it, one of the biggest tournament will be coming soon (I think another couple of weekends) and it will also probably coincide with the biggest matches of this World Cup in terms of day. Lol, I probably won’t watch either ‘live’, but may pick up videos here and there after it ends.

The coming week will also have a day which would be special for some if they had theirs, but for me, currently there is still nothing planned though I see an event which I could attend though I’m not sure if I would like to deal with the crowd and many unfamiliar faces since I was never really good at dealing with those. Lol, we shall see how it goes. I just hope the coming week will be peaceful and I will be contented actually.

p.s. I should probably get something on Steam sale right…