Still Adapting

18 03 2018

Another Sunday, another occasion for a weekly update. This time relatively less late, but it doesn’t matter. It’s more important I start writing while I still have the slight flair to do so, before I end up procrastinating and then delaying till much later.

Work wise, I suppose I am starting to pick up some real tasks to do, though they are mostly regression related which is kind of expected, since I am still pretty much trying to get a sense of the system and application overall. And certainly, having executed some regression cases it does allow me to have some proper and systematic way to get to know part of the smaller picture which will likely help me in some way in future. Well, I guess I will still need some time to be able to be fully independent in terms of knowing what settings to configure, what variables or action affect what outcome and other module(s), and of course, also to get to know which developers do which part of the application and get to know them somehow. I am not exactly very good at dealing with new people, but I suppose this is another opportunity for me to make some self-improvements for my own sake. Also had the first team lunch (of sorts?) and got to know a little bit more about the other members in the immediate team. I suppose this is another area which I will have to work on over time, but for now it appears that they are all nice people so hopefully the entire process will not be too difficult, even for someone like myself.

In other stuff, ever since I have started at this new workplace, I have been using a lot more cashless methods of payment and I can start to feel and understand why some people may lose sense of how they are spending, and in the worse cases, end up in debts of sorts. Lucky for me, I would say my sensitivity to numbers in general is still fairly ok, and I also make it a point to update my expenditure spreadsheet on a daily basis, so I don’t really lose track of how much I’ve spent, or what I have been spending on, so I think for the time being I shouldn’t need to worry so much about overspending. That said, I do see and feel the convenience of cashless payments as long as it is fast and secure, which should generally be the case over here, so I still think it’s a good thing overall. Lol.

Backlog wise, it will still be fighting game videos for a while, but there will be a movie post going up tomorrow, so there will be a slight change in typical schedule. But otherwise, I would say my backlog handling is generally better now, even though I have started at a new workplace. Well, at least for now, it is not as busy as previously. Not sure how long this would last, but I certainly hope it will, for as long as possible. Lol. In the meantime, I am also trying to make some small adjustments to myself at a time, hopefully there will be something more significant in the long run. Not sure if I will succeed though. Hahaha…

That’s all for now I suppose. Time to enjoy the rest of the day and evening and prepare for a new week. For now, I would say I am not so resistant to starting a new week, so I think that’s still a good thing. Take care and I will be back again next week. See you.


A New Beginning

11 03 2018

Oh it is time for another weekly update, and actually I intended to start writing this some hours ago but ended up clearing some YouTube videos as part of clearing some backlog. Ah well, it is just another “excuse” to explain my lateness, but as usual I don’t think it matters a whole lot. Doubt many would notice the difference in hours. Hahaha.

Okay, I guess this week there can be some talk about work, but actually there isn’t a whole lot to talk about just yet considering I just completed my first week of work. It is just the start of a new chapter, and to be honest, there is still a whole lot of things for me to get acquainted with, knowledge to learn, and perhaps the processes and tricks to do things effectively and efficiently. As such, there may not be a lot of things which I can conclude just yet, but some things can be felt at this point. Based on the current state, I think it is pretty good so far and comparing my past experiences of first week at work, it does feel fairly good now. Well I’m sure there will be a lot heading my way in time to come, and there are still a number of things I need to get used to since the style and approach is different from what I have been familiar with for the past few years. Not saying which is better or worse at the moment, since it is only fair to give some sort of judgement only when I have a fuller picture in the near future (hopefully), then I’ll see which will be a better fit for me, or perhaps I will find out more on what I would really want in the long term. If I were to talk in more detail, I would save that for a later time.

For the coming week’s entries, it will once again be more fighting game videos, since there’s nothing out of the ordinary jumping my publication algorithm. Backlog wise, it is not too bad actually, considering it is a work week now and I am still able to leisurely clear a decent amount of videos. Yah well, I guess that also contributed to the delay of writing this. Depending on things go, maybe I can work on other things targeted at trying to find out more about my inner self, and perhaps eventually something (or things) new which sounds like an interesting thing eh.

Another week of work is coming and I am not exactly sure what new things await me in the days ahead, though I hope it will continue to be something I can manage well without feeling overly lost. That said, I would probably need to clarify some of my queries and doubts soon before it begins to bug me. Ah well, take care and I should be back again the next weekend to talk about more random stuff. See you.

p.s. it seems I have had an entry in the past with the same title. Hmm…

What A Scare

4 03 2018

Wow, as much as I am nervous about a new start tomorrow, I got quite a bit of shock when I saw that my blog got disabled/suspended but luckily the team was quick to respond to my request and got it reverted which is why I am able to start writing here, even though it is already later than I had hoped to begin. Well, hopefully it doesn’t happen again since it is not exactly a fun thing to send request and I don’t exactly check my blog every day, especially so after I am going to start at a new workplace in less than half a day’s time.

Ok, still no work stuff this week, but I suppose I am a little nervous about what’s to come from tomorrow on. For one, I have sort of lost touch with what working feels like even though my break wasn’t all that long. I wonder how some people can ask me why don’t I take a longer break like a month or two. The idea itself sounds tempting but I am glad I resisted the temptation because I think it will really backfire quite badly on myself as much as I have enjoyed this rest period quite a lot. In fact, it’s the longest non-illness break I have had since I have started full-time work, so it is can be treated as a true rest period for myself. In a new environment with lots of new people to meet, I suppose there will be many things to get used to, and perhaps many new things to pick up, but I hope I will be able to handle them quite decently as they come/appear and find some sort of satisfaction. Also, I hope I don’t forget what I had intended to achieve in this new place as I get busy with all the adapting.

Backlog wise, I must say I didn’t clear as much as I had hoped during this break period, but I think the leisurely pace of life is what I should be focusing on, and not treating this clearing as sort of a kind of “job” so it’s fine. The blog will still have its daily entries as long as no more suspension happens. Actually I scheduled the coming week’s entries before it got suspended, so I was indeed quite surprised. In any case, I will try to continue maintaining this blog for as long as I can while I still haven’t lost the will to update it. Losing this blog (permanently) would certainly hit that really hard.

I have no idea what the future will be like currently, but I hope it will turn out all right. We shall see what I will be writing in the next update (if it’s still alive). Take care and hope you have a great week ahead too.