Tiring and Drained

21 05 2017

It doesn’t really feel like a Sunday and it’s really quite delayed this time round. Well I suppose the past week’s schedule is totally different from what I am used to. More on that later I suppose. In any case, I will try to see what I can write for this week’s update.

Usually I will start with work stuff, but this week I was only there for a single day, and most of it was trying to tie up loose ends and to handover whatever that cannot be finished that day. I haven’t checked my work email since then too, since I have been busy with reservist duties for the next 5 days. Yeah, so my week was pretty long, only ending on a Saturday, but I guess I get to rest today and tomorrow so on paper it’s still a 5 day work week. I have no idea how much changes there will be by the time I return, and how long I would need to catch up with the stuff, but that’s something I will probably only bother next month.

In any case, it’s the first time I went back for training, and it’s really a tiring process. Sometimes the hours of standing can be really long, something which is a double damage to me – for 1 my usual days do not require that much activity and for another my feet are pretty fragile to begin with anyway. Of course, there is also an uneasy component of training coming and I am not sure how well I will be able to cope with that. Other than these 2, I think the other aspects should be manageable for me, and it’s another 2 weeks to endure for this year. In terms of learning something new, I suppose it is one of the rarer training courses which has (high?) relevance to the civilian world, though the purpose of us undergoing this training is to help the uniformed personnel when the time comes. If anything, it also provides an opportunity to appreciate and understand some of the practices which I would otherwise not be able to (or want to) experience first hand.

In terms of backlog, this week is really a sad week for that since I have been really tired after each day. Well, doesn’t really affect this blog I suppose, since the backlog is mostly something for me to manage. In any case, a new fighting game has been recently released, so there’s also a whole chunk of videos coming out recently. Guess I will be spending most of my remaining energy on clearing those, and thus you can also expect the coming couple of weeks to be full of fighting game videos at least, assuming I manage to clear sufficient content to fit the entries. Actually it might be just fighting game videos for the next month or 2, considering another title will be coming out at the start of the coming month. Well, I’m not complaining since I really like this genre and would gladly put it over other backlog to clear when the time comes. In any case, the coming week will be pretty much such videos, except for the movie entry which I forgot to leave for the previous week instead.

Oh well, I think this week’s entry should be long enough, and I should probably try to relax as much as I can before a hectic week ahead. The coming week will involve many more hours of standing. All I hope is that my body will be able to endure the next 2 weeks in one piece. Take care and I shall be back again next week, I hope. See ya.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1788

20 05 2017

KOF02 clone bug by Richter. This is really some sorcery right here. Depending on the conditions of using it, it may provide countless possibilities though I think there are some restrictions





KOF02 Ryo combo video by ALX. Another 100% damage combos chapter

Street Fighter V Ed combo video by Y. Xiao

Street Fighter V Nash combo video by Ryan Rosado

Injustice 2 character breakdown walkthroughs


Black Adam


Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1787

19 05 2017

Street Fighter V matches from Fighter’s Spirit 2017

RZR Infiltration’s pool matches

Poongko vs Mago

Echo Fox Momochi vs Poongko

Echo Fox Momochi vs DNG Tachikawa

KOF XIV Dakou vs Xiaohai match exhibition from SNK China’s recent conference

UMvC3 Rocket Raccoon, Doctor Doom combo clip by oreo311

KOF Destiny Season 1 trailer. Hope the animated series turns out good.

KOF World 2nd trailer

Tekken 7 Lucky Chloe vs Master Raven official gameplay video

SNK China KOF conference footage, summarising the day’s events and also previewing some of the new projects coming soon.