Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1860

14 08 2017

Street Fighter V matches from EVO2017

Rise Smug vs Qanba Abao

RB Bonchan vs AndyOCR

Liquid NuckleDu vs RZR Infiltration

Echo Fox Momochi vs Qanba Douyu Xiaohai

PG Punk vs Echo Fox Tokido

KOF2001 Iori combo clip by Elixir. Nice combo.

KOF XIV K’ combo clip by Y. Xiao. Improved stun combo.

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by SCanon5749

Injustice 2 The Flash combo clip by AngrySilencer

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Answer combo video by Setsuna_MX

1.2 Million

13 08 2017

Hey there, it’s time for another weekly update, and probably nothing hugely too eventful as usual. As for the title, unfortunately it doesn’t indicate the amount of Dollars I have, but rather the number of words already published on my blog, though that’s not counting the reserves which are waiting for their turn at a shot in coming out of the drafts state. Ah well, it’s just another random stat since I don’t consciously write more for the sake of chalking up word count anyway.

In any case, let’s start with work. I am kind of thankful for the little public holiday in the midst of the week since it provided a timely break from an otherwise not very nice week. Actually the recent weeks have not been exactly all that fun and it doesn’t look like things will be getting a whole lot better any time soon. Well it seems there are signs of change coming, though again I am not so sure about its effectiveness until proven, considering how some of these things have been feedback since a long time ago. In any case, it’s not like I have a whole lot of options or influence to do anything about it at the moment, or in fact in any foreseeable future. I guess for the most part I shall just continue to do it in similar fashion for the time being, until I see a need to do otherwise.

As for backlog, I suppose the time I’ve been spending on an old game has affected it quite a bit since I haven’t even touched any of those videos which I would normally do during the weekend, but at least I guess there’s still enough drafts to go around nonetheless so I don’t exactly have to worry too much about this blog not having any entries for the time being. Maybe I should clear some of those backlog after writing this and take a break from gaming from the time being, since I am pretty much reaching some sort of bottleneck over there anyway. Ah well, there are also some entries waiting for me to write, so I should also start working on them in the near future too, since snowballing written entries can become quite a deterrent for me later on. Hahaha. Anyhow, it’s more of something which will annoy me, but most of you will probably not notice any difference regardless.

Well then, I should be going off to clear some stuff before another long working week ahead. Take care and hopefully I will be back again next week and not in a whiny mood. We shall see how it goes.

p.s. I need to put in more effort.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1859

12 08 2017

KOF XIV combo video by Psychomantis, featuring Vanessa, Kim, Ryo and K’

Tekken 7 Devil Jin combos by TheMainMan

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by SCanon5749. Kills all characters with <=950 HP off a low attack

Injustice 2 Batman combo clip by AngrySilencer

Tekken 7 Eliza combo video by Ryan Rosado

Mortal Kombat X D’vorah combo video by KRX

Koihime Enbu Cho-un combo video by hfblade

KOF XIV Whip combo video by Merlin’in Kazani

KOF: Destiny opening clip

Tekken 7 Hwoarang moves study against Xiaoyu by Kawauso