Fighting Game Videos Vol. 2138

16 07 2018

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition matches from Combo Breaker 2018

CAG Dogura vs Rise Smug

Nuckledu vs WP Daikoku_go

Alucard vs Thirdpixel Saliou

WP Daikoku_go vs Filipinoman

Tekken 7 combos by Kawauso. Seems it’s the same rage arts technique clip which I saw not too long ago

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Cody combo video by Doopliss

Tekken 7 Kazumi combo video by STL

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Gordeau, Vatista combo clip by e mc

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Jubei tech clip by Rikir

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Cody combo guide by VesperArcade


Time Management and Priorities

15 07 2018

Oh, time for another weekly update and I’m unfashionably late once again. Nothing surprises me at this point. Well at least this time I have already scheduled the other entries of the week so it is slightly better than the previous week, but this time I don’t have a day off tomorrow so I don’t have the luxury of chilling on Monday until I plan my next break/leave period.

Work wise, it wasn’t a full work week for me, but it was kind of busy and I suppose I am starting to feel the pace a little. That said, it is still pretty manageable workload so I am not that worried yet, especially when it seems that I have been doing a pretty good job so far according to the recent review I had. Of course, they don’t have a whole lot to review on since I’m only there for a few months now but at least it’s a good start probably. Will wait and see how that turns out in the next one some half a year down the road. Looks like it will still a pretty packed few weeks ahead of me, but hopefully it is still something that is still within control. In the meantime, there are still things to get used to at work, and thankfully it seems it is quite accommodating to people trying to figure out how things work or at least that’s the vibe I get so far.

Been spending some time playing games and all, so haven’t really worked on the backlog that much and in fact I have now a writing backlog to deal with again, partially because a season of drama and variety shows have ended not too long ago and of course I am still in the midst of catching up. Originally intended to write them off (literally?) today, but ended up playing games again, so lol yeah I only managed enough entries for the most pressing days ahead since my subconscious is telling me that these “reviews” entries will probably take years before it is their time to show up, till the point that some entries may be entirely obsolete by the time it gets published at this rate. Haha. Oh well, it is more of a record for myself and a habit to keep more than anything else so I will probably try not to give it up anytime soon unless I really figure out what I want to do and devote all my time and effort to it. I guess that means I will need to find some window to work on those entries during the week. Growing the list too huge has proven to be a burden when I try to write multiple entries at one go because I am just bad at writing for a long stretch I suppose.

Well then, it’s pretty late and tomorrow is a working day, so I guess I should start to wrap up and prepare for another packed week ahead. Take care and I should be back again the following weekend if nothing crops up.

Fighting Game Videos Vol. 2137

14 07 2018

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition matches from Combo Maker 2018

RZR Xian vs CYG BST Daigo

UYU NL vs Hori Sako

UYU Oil King vs Fudoh Fujimura

Rise MenaRD vs LPN

HZRDS RobTV vs DNG Itabashi Zangief

Tekken 7 Claudio combo video by STL

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Naoto, Jubei combo clip by Rikir

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Gordeau, Linne combo clip by e mc

KOF multi-game combo video by Gen

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 combo clip by Silvius Sama