Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

1 01 2013

As you might have noticed, the usual weekly update didn’t appear on Sunday, and that’s because I have decided to do a New Year post instead. It’s not like there’s a lot of extra special things to report though. The biggest difference this week (or the past week) is that I was mostly on leave, though I ended up clearing more than I had intended due to me requiring more rest from a bad flu earlier on. Ah well, that means fewer days of leave this year and that it might have made my upcoming return to the workplace a little more ‘painful’ due to an extended absence from work.

That aside, flu is mostly okay now though there’s still some lingering annoyance. At least I don’t have to spam tissue papers or suffer from peeled skin and bad coughs. Despite me putting in more efforts to looking after my health in general for quite some months now, the results don’t seem to be responding in an expected manner. While so far it is nothing too serious when compared to some of the more unfortunate out there, it still hindered me quite a bit especially recently. Hopefully that will change for the better in this coming year.

I have also managed to blog fairly okay in the past year, though visit counts wise it hasn’t been exactly very well for quite a long time now. While I may have blogged over 350 entries last year (excluding the weekly/monthly updates), about 30 weeks worth are from fighting game videos, so I haven’t actually watched a lot of shows. Probably one of the least in recent years. Was it due to the fact that it was my first full working year on top of me having some health troubles here and there? Perhaps so… Either way it seems that my blog will be able to run for quite a while to come even if I somehow slack off and not add any new drafts into my bank of reserves. Lol.

In other matters, I added some new things in my blog, for example updating the records page with Scramble with Friends screenshots. Lol, actually those were on my FB page for a while now but I have only moved them over here a few days ago. Not easy to improve that since it depends on luck, which I don’t seem to quite have these days. Also tweaked the Sitemap page a little to have a new page for fighting game videos starting this year since the older page was getting a little too cluttered with all the text and links, so I thought starting a new page shouldn’t be a bad idea. A fresh start to a fresh year.

Many people like to make new year resolutions for the new year, and you probably know that I don’t have this habit since I usually end up not meeting my goals anyway even if I bothered to set them. But I do have some in mind, some vague ideas here and there. Hopefully I will be able to reach them, or at the very least not to fall too short of them. Hehe. Of course, they are very simple goals and probably nothing ‘good’ in terms of aiming to be an outstanding individual by some of the social standards/norms.

Sadly, tmr is back to work and I am certainly not looking forward to it especially when I know that there will probably be some chaos, thanks to some genius decision(s) made. Guess it’s going to be more “walk one step, watch one step” approach for the time being. Meanwhile, I should start working on my 2013 goals/projects and make sure that I actually try to make progress, even if they don’t seem to be much. Of course, there will be more scheduled entries as usual and I will probably pop by on Sunday again to update whatever there is. Take care everyone and I hope 2013 is going to be a better year for you (that doesn’t necessarily make it a good year, but at least relatively better I hope!). See you around.

p.s. Feel free to participate more in my blog.




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2 01 2013

where is the xmm that post about psle. HAHA

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