Your Name.

28 11 2016


Japanese title: 君の名は.
Rating: PG
Running time: 107 minutes
Opens: 3 November 2016, now showing

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

This is probably one of the rare times you see me posting an anime show which I have caught in a cinema, but here it is. To be honest, I wanted to watch this from the very beginning but couldn’t find anyone to go with me until recently (for those who don’t know me that well, I don’t exactly go to the theatres alone). This is from one of my favourite directors and I believe I have watched all of his films (though not for the shorts and other stuff). While I may not be able to offhand tell you details from his previous works, but when watching each of those movies, they definitely left a good feeling/impression from the viewing.

For starters, it is quite evident that usual visual style, which I think can be considered as some sort of signature of his, is here again, and at least on the visual department there is hardly anything to worry about. Indeed, it is another breathtaking production to behold even with my less than normal perception of the world. I can only wonder what the others would be seeing (similar for his other works), but in any case, as long as it looks awesome I suppose that is good enough for me. The amount of details and “clarity” in many of the scenes is really impressive, as it continues to leave a good impression. There were some sequences/scenes which looked really, really awesome.

If anything, I suppose the movie’s story might be the area which will be of contention among viewers I presume. Firstly, there’s the idea of “time travel” and body swapping, along with some ‘supernatural’ elements, which some viewers may be looking for some sort of proper resolution and closure to everything which is inherently quite difficult to deal with, not just in this movie alone. However, some of those themes are required to execute the storytelling in a certain manner, and in any case, the flow went pretty fluid on the overall. So I suppose it’s more of the ending which may make people wonder or even slightly disappointed if they didn’t get the kind of answers they were looking for. Granted, there are a number of things not explained explicitly and perhaps some interpretation and imagination are needed to digest it.

As I typically don’t give a rating for such animation movies while I do that for movies I watch in theatres, I probably still won’t give it a score here. The whole package of this movie definitely places high among the works I’ve watched this year. Visual, music, storytelling were definitely top-notch, though it’s not like it’s 10/10 perfect. Nonetheless, I think it is a movie definitely worth catching. It should be an enjoyable experience.


Carnival Phantasm

22 04 2016

Japanese title: カーニバル・ファンタズム
Number of episodes: 12 + specials

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

To be honest, this series is better catered for fans of the Type Moon titles, but I am not exactly familiar with the Melty Blood characters apart from the little fighting game footage that I’ve watched for that series and as for the Fate series, I’ve only watched that few series so far and have not covered any of the other forms of media.

That said, it is mostly comedy centric themed and pokes fun at quite a bit on the characters. As such, not everything is well understood by me but some of the funny stuff do not really require that much in-depth knowledge to derive some entertainment for it. I guess the bigger fans might actually gain more joy than I did though =D

While it is a short series, I actually took quite a while to finish up all the episodes, partly because they are pretty much standalone in nature and I kind of forgotten about it while getting distracted by many other things. And since it did not air on TV (I think), each episode’s length may vary a little from time to time which is also kind of good as they would just spend enough time to cover whatever is intended in that episode.

Overall, it is still quite a fun experience to watch even though I probably lack sufficient knowledge to fully appreciate the finers things that have been included (or maybe I’m over imagining things again). It is a better pick than I had expected initially. =D

p.s. I personally found the Castle special most hilarious. I don’t know why… Heh.

Persona 4 (Animation)

21 04 2016

Number of episodes: 25

Some info:
1) Wikipedia
2) ANN
3) Official Site (Japanese)

For those who know me pretty well, I suppose you might already know what the biggest reason that made me pick up this series. Yup, indeed, it has something to do with the fighting game title that was released not too long ago (again, based on time of draft =P). However, as I realise there’s a RPG similarly titled I think it is probably based on that game rather than the fighting game.

Well, no harm getting to know more about the characters and some of the story despite me having not played any of the related games just yet. Sad to say but the story doesn’t exactly grip me very well and in fact I felt rather bored for some of the episodes, probably because the pacing is rather slow and it didn’t seem that there was much development in the storyline during the initial phase.

In the end, I managed to finish it and eventually saw how the plot turned out. I can’t say it is a great story or anything, but I suppose the true ending episode which is only included in the Blu-ray release is kind of crucial to give the entire series more sense (imo). I certainly think that it is only complete with that episode covered. Maybe it is a form of marketing strategy for more people to actually buy that volume and consequently getting the entire series since it is really odd with only the final volume on hand.

Overall, I suppose it was good for me to find out more about the characters and their relationships with one another, but in the end the storyline and presentation style isn’t exactly my cup of tea. That said, I still want to give the fighting game a try but it seems getting my hand on an affordable and compatible copy isn’t a trivial thing to do either thanks to it being the first region locked game for PS3.