Went Shopping

9 09 2007

As much as I wanted to maintain a post every day, yesterday I simply couldn’t dish out the review (see below) since I only came online very close to midnight and there’s no way I could have accomplished that amount (though not say very high quality also right? =P) in a few minutes.

Why was I back home so late? The greater part of the day was spent @ Informatics before heading down to buy some stuffs then finally catching a 9.15pm show. Do your math for the duration of the show, and factoring in time taken to travel home etc and it all works out =P (Why am I even justifying myself here? Lols.)

I dont normally spend this much in 1 day’s worth of “shopping” but oh well, I can only say things don’t come cheap anymore. Went to buy the bigger cartridge for my printer ink. Yes, if you’re wondering I’ve finished (almost anyway, as claimed by the printer software) 1 standard sized black ink cartridge and it’s not even halfway through the semester though granted that I’ve printed all my MA1505 lecture notes and tutorials (which is quite a lot if you think about it). University education is indeed a costly course to go through and I already “spend less” cos I still dont feel like getting a laptop. Good news for all those companies dabbling in related businesses since they can probably make some profits from all the students around.

k810i.jpgAh yes, I finally changed my hp. End up also not say very high-end lor but at least I can at least take pictures liao. It’s merely a SE k810i, which some peepz have been using for quite a number of weeks now. Couldn’t get a k800i since hello! shops like kinda “phase out” that model liao. Haha, ok lah, k810i price dropped a bit since the last time i checked like 1.5 weeks ago, so I’m kinda fine with it.

At last my 4 year-old Nokia 6610 can finally “retire” until I tio reservist (camera phones and army camps dont go together very well). Haven’t really gotten down to using it very much yet but definitely will require some time to convert from Nokia mode to SE mode since there are slight differences (maybe not so slight) in “shortcuts” and button functions. Switching to a non-Nokia for the first time since I used hp isn’t gonna help things either. Haha, so bear with me if I happen to curse and swear a bit over the buttons. Lols.

Follow-up accessory purchase list might include screen protector and/or (dont think too much into CS/GEK logic ok) new pouch. Means need to spend more. Lolx. $$$… And oh, the 3G sim card activation like instant one… I walk out of the shop like 25m my older SIM card totally cannot use liao (other than to store contacts maybe). So much for 1 working day, heh.

The last item of the day which I purchased was a new pair of shoes. Yeah decided to buy since 1) my mom has $20 voucher (on top of some 10% in-store discount. amazingly allowed to stack ’em. kewl.) and 2) there happens to have stock for my shoe size and the design looks pretty okay (can’t really be picky when chances of getting a store with stock for my shoe size isn’t that high).

One of the more rare times that I actually spend so much to acquire a few things. Good thing it isn’t a habit of mine to spend like this, or else I’ll be in some kind of financial trouble since ages ago. Now I need to get back to face the harshness of school work (tutorials, assignments and what have you). Sighx…

p.s. Sunday can be renamed to Sadday during term time. Not much of a weekend if you really look at it =( Oh btw, there was free gameplay for nEbO MIP members at 4 Zone X outlets today. Cant even go thanks to 1) school work & 2) probably quite high membership for nEbO TapZ. Ah well.

p.p.s. somehow I broke my winterbells record again, though Wai Kit is as always, a step ahead of my score. achieved 1.16 x 10^60 anyways. Around 30k points for each bell then. And yes, my hand became a little numb. No idea how to tahan until 10^81 siah. And erm, I’ve added 3 new links to this entry to include ScarWyu’s first 3 videos as well.


School’s Starting…

13 08 2007

As much as I do not want it, university’s starting tmr. I mean in like several hours. After approximately 2.75years, I’ll be stepping back into the academic world, which I aint very fond of in the first place. What’s more, seeing TEN tutorials for MA1505 being uploaded onto IVLE already isn’t going to help lift my mood in any way. In fact, it simply made it worse, much worse. Oh well, I hope the first day of school will be a rather pleasant one. Ah well, at least I have tuesday to look forward to. No school cos there’s no tutorials for me yet. Enjoy it while I still can…

Right, so in preparation for uni life, I’ve finally gotten myself a printer. Bought the Canon MP145, since it’s seems to be good enough functionality wise and affordable enough (including considering future upkeep of cartridges). Tried it already. Not bad. Hadn’t messed around with a printer since my old one, which i got it more than half my current lifetime ago. It was also a Canon printer. I didn’t become a “loyal” customer on purpose. Practicality is more important than loyalty nowadays :P

Oh btw, I’ve also updated the Records page, again. Haha, managed to improve my timing for Sudoku (medium) this time around. Whee, it’s just gonna get harder and harder to beat my own personal best. I think I’m one of the few siao people around keeping track of things like this. Oh wait, how many people actually do these puzzles on a regular basis like me? Hahahaha.

Gonna surf a few of my regular sites before heading to bed. Time to switch back to a more normal sleeping pattern.