A New Start?

30 09 2012

It so happens that today is the final day of the third quarter of the year and it coincides with this year’s mid autumn festival, though it’s not like I celebrate that event. In fact, I haven’t tasted any mooncakes in quite a long while. Oh well, for those who do, hope you are going to have a good time later in the evening assuming you do actually read it shortly after this was published. Otherwise, it will not matter anyway. Lol.

The past week was pretty rough for me, mostly due to the fact that I was ‘awesome enough’ to be given 3 days worth of MC, which means I was in a pretty bad shape. Yeah well, won’t be going into details here but I suppose I should be able to go back to work once again. While getting better is a good thing, there is also the huge pile of work waiting in office. I’ll see what I can do to avoid staying back in office for long after normal hours since the lack of good ventilation during those times causes me quite some discomfort quickly (you should be able to figure out why). Ah well, should try to take it easy and not give myself too much stress. =D It’s not like I’m slacking off at work recently or anything so I *think* it should be fine. More of that next week.

So while having a few days off to rest at home, I sort of (more like required) changed my sleeping habits a little, since there’s this need to take medicine at regular intervals. It actually feels not too bad so perhaps I might (and should) make an effort to make some changes accordingly. But I wonder if I will really see it through and make changes that last and not just some temporary effort.

On some random stuff, it seems that the past week was when P6 students have their national exams, which probably explains why an above average visiting rate despite not having any special entries which help to draw in views. Didn’t check the search terms nor the most visited pages/entries though. It is probably more than just a coincidence, but of course it’s no longer as ‘impactful’ as those years during/shortly after I made that post which caused all this influx of PSLE related search terms.

For this little blog, the coming week will once again be filled with fighting game videos, thanks to another title released last week so there’s some footage to help build up more entries. Things will probably go back to a mixture of video entries and my random ‘reviews’ soon enough. In fact, I had already scheduled them even before writing this entry (usually I schedule after I publish my weekly updates). The week ahead hopefully is something less painful (physically), though I don’t expect it to be a smooth sailing one either. Of course, some pains are worse than others. Lol. Hope everyone stays in good health – it’s really important.

p.s. I started a series I thought I never would.




2 responses

1 10 2012

What series!

2 10 2012

lol a certain K-drama.
not telling u what title. =X

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