2 Fast 2 Furious

30 11 2012


Rating: PG
Running time:  107 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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I have recently decided to take a step back and try to complete the movies in this Fast & Furious series. The thing is, I watched the first movie as well as the one in Tokyo (3rd to be screened if I remember correctly), but it was only not long ago that I realise timeline wise, it seems to be two different ends with all the other 3 movies being somewhere in between. So yeah, trying to fill in the gaps here.

I honestly do not remember much from either of the movies I’ve watched previously since it has been quite a number of years since I last touched anything related to this series. But anyway, I guess in some ways, it is still possible to watch this movie on its own for its own plot and story here, though there are references to previously introduced characters/events.

Being a movie that’s a number of years old, the new and sleek cars introduced in this movie may now seem not all that new and fancy. However, I think the production team really did put in extra effort in making the cars look good since it is one very important selling point for this movie and series. Racing is also another important feature of the movie, and we do get to see quite a few of those, apart from not so nice car chase scenes. For some reason, some scenes were better shot than others, in terms of smoothness and excitement level. Shrugs, perhaps the visual effects and editing suited certain scenes more.

Story wise, it indeed isn’t much as I had expected. They did try to make it such that races and car chases could be incorporated among other features but overall the main plot is pretty weak in my opinion. Well, at least it is straightforward enough to digest without having to give it much thought. I guess they were hoping to make it up with the cars and some eye candy, though such things are still subject to personal preferences.

Overall, it is not a movie that impressed me but it had a few nice racing scenes. Cars look good generally, though maybe one could go for specialised car shows to get a better look at those. Was merely catching the older movies for some understanding and appreciation of this series later on, which I heard has a pretty good sequel. My take: 5.5/10




2 responses

30 11 2012
Dark Chaotix

I actually like this one the most of the more recent ones

30 11 2012

actually, I haven’t watched any other movie in this series after this one. distracted by other things.

p.s. wow you sure visit this place often :) thx!

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