One Outs (manga)

10 10 2010

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Yep, with this entry, I have added *yet another* category to my little blog space. I’m actually not a big fan of reading mangas, as I still prefer colour (despite my condition) and animation in general over manga drawings.

Anyhow, I watched the anime more than a year ago, and posted a short on it as well. Didn’t get around to reading the rest of the story where the anime left off until not too long ago (I’m guessing I’ll publish this after reasonably short amount of time). Firstly, this is more of a psychological and wit battle so the emphasis is on the tricks, mind games etc which is not so reliant on colours and animation for its most attractive aspects.

As I have mentioned in the anime entry, this manga author is also the one in charge of liar game, and yes, I am currently reading that manga only that it is still being updated and doesn’t seem it is going to end anytime soon. As I read on for this manga, I can see the clear similarities in drawing style of the characters, expressions etc.

The anime series covered about half the manga in terms of chapter numbers, and after reading the later half I can sort of understand why it ended there and not just adapted the entire manga since by then the entire story was already completed. Firstly, the One Outs contract did not last the entire manga story, with its existence no longer of the main importance after a fair number of chapters. Certainly, it was still around for a while and even had an upgraded version of the contract but the focus of the second half of the story is focusing on him becoming the manager of the club and leading them to league victory through his powerful and scheming ways.

While quite a significant amount of the story did not focus on the exact One Outs contract, but the spirit behind this gamble is still present till the end where Tokuchi shows us the ways and means needed to make the so called impossible possible. Of course, it would really be quite insane and scary if anyone had that kind of insight, foresight and judgment. Certainly going to be a winner in which area he steps into, for the sole fact that he can “manipulate” people, scenarios and things so well that it all falls in place as he envisions. Lol, nonetheless it’s still nice to see some of the psychological and crafty tricks he has up his sleeves for the rest of the story.

My findings tell me that English sources are kind of incomplete for this title, so I had to turn to Chinese sources which of course isn’t much of a problem for me. But sadly, some explanation took me a while longer to digest, especially where it involve specific terms, or even technical terms used in baseball, a sport which I’m not familiar with. After a little figuring out, it’s still not that hard to understand what exactly went on, thanks to my still somewhat acceptable level of Chinese understanding ability.

Overall, it was a nice 2nd half journey to complete this story which caught my attention because of the tricks and mind games put into use throughout. If you liked the anime and want to know how things develop thereafter, it’s not a bad choice to read the manga. Meanwhile, I’ll wait and see how his Liar Game manga proceeds.

p.s. Perhaps I have a stronger inclination towards genres like this, but don’t exactly know what other similar titles are like that so I wouldn’t mind if you had a recommendation or two for me. There is a non-zero chance that this entry may just end up being the sole of its kind in this category forever, but it’s definitely going to be the loner for quite some time to come since I don’t read many manga titles.