Well, I’m too lazy to find a nice chatterbox and implement it into the side menu, so I thought I’ll just create a page for you guys to leave comments in general, provide some constructive suggestions or even just for some random chit-chat.

I’m fine as long as you follow the rules and guidelines I put below. May be updated from time to time.

1) No obscene/offensive media allowed to be added.
2) No advertising/sales and spam.
3) Requests for links to download media will usually be ignored or even deleted.
4) No flame wars or personal attacks allowed.
Last updated: 25th July 2008

Hope you enjoy your stay here~ =)


18 responses

25 07 2008

Walau like this also can ah? Lol. Domo arigato gozaimasu.

25 07 2008

aiyah, if it’s a failure at most shut down this page or delete it lor. see how it works. give it some months to see how things go lor. i’m quite sure there won’t be much suggestions and feedback for improvements one…

never mind, just chat here lor. hehe.

28 07 2008

lol were we enoyin u talkin on l change the world? sorry

28 07 2008

u mean annoying?

nope, not annoying. u guys can continue here if it’s not related to L Change the World

29 07 2008

lol sori 4 me spelin :) kk

29 07 2008

lol, dh, juz add a forum to ur blog already.

29 07 2008

set up forum very mafan one… and not like there’s enough ppl to warrant a forum anyway. only the few of u all. think it won’t crash the blog with these comments bah :P

29 07 2008

lol forum need php+mysql jh u wan? i got space..hahahahah.. but of cuz forum with few members v sian one leh..i shld noe..class forum was such a flop.

29 07 2008

too few active people liao lah… no point also… when the day [like it’ll come ] comes then i see how bah ;)

8 04 2009

cool blog man

10 04 2009

here dusty princessC..hahaha

10 04 2009

dont know where she went to. maybe got bored with the blog

thanks microboy90

28 10 2009

*wipes off some dust*

16 11 2009
zhi xiang

Haha just to prove i READ! lol~ just saw ur kof combo vids (yes the april ones) super zai leh..still say yourself noob… Haha..then u gave me inspiration to put my 100% tvc ryu on youtube

16 11 2009

how u gonna record ur tvc combo? :O u have the game arh?

but… my kof is noob mah >..<
always get owned in the real kof world. haha.

10 03 2011
Matthew Ramos

Hi, I am contacting you on behalf of We are a video game site that wants to grow and let everyone know we are out there. I am sure your site also wants the same attention and I would like to share links with your site. We will post your link up on our site if you do the same for us. We are a personable gaming site that gives our fanbase a chance to write it’s own content. Thanks for your time.

Matt Ramos
Deputy Editor

10 03 2011

Sure, although I don’t just post fighting game videos…

15 09 2011

hi you there KOFPLAYER…

it’s a long time that i m contacting with you again.
well i m having some problem due to language, I want to
be a forum member of 2 KOF sites.

KOFUNION forum and

plz plz plz i can’t make ID on these site due to language problem
plz help me in this problem or plz MAKE 2 IDs on these site’s forum
by your self and then send it to me…

would be very nice of you…

My name is rizwan and i m from Pakistan…

My e-mail ID is

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