WinAVI Video Convertor

8 01 2008

winavi.gifHmm, here comes another entry under the category of Computers & Tech. Just thought I’ll share about this rather great software that I picked up due to several reasons. Actually, so far my main use of this software is to use it to convert Real Media to something non-RM, be it AVI or WMV, so my comments here may be a little restrictive. Do find better reviews if you’re looking for something else k? =D

Official Site

This software has other options, like en-coding to AVI, RM, MPEG and WMV formats. Honestly, I know there’s much more to encoding than this, but at least the software seems clever enough to encode at a suitable bitrate (as compared to the source file you’re compressing from). At least it works that way for the real media files that I’ve converted in wmv format due to some technical problem with one of my drivers. The knowledge centre-ing around video (audio included) encodes is too deep for me and I’ve given up on trying to grasp some of the basics many times. =D

For RM to other formats, you’ll expect the file size to increase (in general). So be prepared to see it taking up more space than its RM counterpart. It’s quite normal, and is almost always the case except for 1 file, which I suspect the RM wasn’t very properly compressed anyway. Hahaha. And to me, this function of the software is what seems to be most attractive, since Real Media is sort of a neglected video format when it comes to re-encoding (partly due to the nature of RM formats). For en-coding your avi/mpeg/wmvs/quicktime files into something mainstream like avi/mpeg1/2, I suggest looking up some of the indepth guides specifically targetting such tasks. Better still, learn a trick or two from people who are part of subtitling teams and in charge of the encoding. I’m sure those people are definitely knowledgeable enough, at least more than enough for your average use of encoding. Heh.

Anyway, this software isn’t exactly free. Without buying the software, the bad thing would be that there’ll be a watermark in whatever video you’ve converted. And it’s not at the top or some corner of the video, but right IN THE MIDDLE of the screen, so you might want to take note of that. Of course, you could get the key from your friend or by some other mean, but I have to say it here that it’s not legal. =P

Hope this entry is of help to some people out there. =) I wonder what the next Computers & Tech entry will be about…


Megaupload SX 3.2

23 12 2007

Eh, this time it’s not really introducing/sharing a software, but rather, it’s an addon for Firefox. As you might guess from the title of the entry, it indeed has something to do with Megaupload. I’m sure many of you know what it is, and should know that it is frustrating that your country’s slots are always taken up, or at least that’s the case for me. Seeing the date of its release, I’m actually quite slow in discovering this nifty add-on.

megauploadsx.jpgGet the addon here. After adding it on to your Firefox, you’re required to restart the application for it take effect. To use it, just enable it (as shown in the picture). Well, so far it works fine for me but I don’t really grab stuff from Megaupload all that often since many people know better than to use MU. Haha, at least now I won’t have to wait/miss out on good stuff when people upload it to MU (ugh).

Hope this tool will come in handy to you guys. Have fun~

p.s. as for IE/other browser users, I’m sorry that I’m too lazy to find out the equivalent methods (if it even exists). Try Google, your good friend. =D

Combined Community Codec Pack

20 06 2007

cccp_logo.pngDecided to take a break from all the reviews and intro this software instead. Different people have their own ways of settling codec issues for whatever videos they are watching. From what I know, the more common practices are 1) to download individual necessary codecs, 2) K lite codec pack, 3) VLC player and 4) Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP).

For those in group 1, they are usually those can really be bothered to hunt for each codec. Of course they need to know their stuff to download only the necessary stuff and they are usually the kind that cant even tolerate an extra codec lying around in their hard disk and not being used. I guess not many of us would fall under this category.

Let me skip group 2 and talk about VLC player users. Certainly it does seem that VLC itself can play quite a wide range of .avi files and other stuff, but I’ve heard that (never bothered to confirm) VLC can’t play certain things too (dont ask me what). For me, however, I would certainly prefer Media Player Classic over VLC player cos i find the former nicer to use. (what a lame reason…)

Now then, it’s the 2 of the most common codec packs that many people use nowadays. Before CCCP came into the picture, K lite was the most widely used codec pack if i aint mistaken. Some still stick to it, while others (myself included) have switched to CCCP. Why the switch? If u ask me, i certainly wouldn’t justify from the really technical point of view due to my serious lack of knowledge in codec/playback stuff. However, seeing more and more major fansub groups (check their faq section under their official wiki) and other big sites dealing with media recommending CCCP. Perhaps 1 reason is due to the fact that CCCP is much smaller so i suppose it really gives u all the common stuff that you would expect an average person to require, without having multiple stuff that might overlap in terms of their functionality. Hence, less “junk” (like god knows how many players and “useless” codecs) on your hdd, which should be good :)

Well of course u can read for yourself all the supported formats CCCP can offer. If you dont really understand what all those mean (i dont understand fully either), just know that it works which is what’s most important and everyone cares about. Of course if you are into Real Media or Quicktime video formats, you will unfortunately have to go grab Real Alternative & Quicktime Alternative respectively if you dont want more media players lying around. I’ve already mentioned those in my first entry of this category. With that, I should think playing videos shouldn’t be of any problem.

Hmm, I would recommend this to all who tends to watch a considerable amount of videos. All right, that sums up my 3rd entry of this category. I guess I dont really have that much to share in this aspect. Until next time~~

p.s. sorry for all the unrelated non-CCCP stuff. Haha.