Losing Interest

6 08 2017

To be honest, I am not exactly in a very great mood right now, so writing this is more of trying to get over and done with it. It has been a long week at work, and I don’t suppose I kind of liked the process of it. Well, at least the coming week has a natural break in the middle of it, while not the best of days to have a holiday, it beats having none at all. Lol.

Work wise, I am actually not very interested to talk too much about it, other than it looks like the future plans look fairly bad with big tasks more or less lined up for the next 2-3 months, and yeah that’s just talking about big tasks. Yah well, not much I can do about it, so just pass the week as they come while trying to find a way to not get drowned in that huge mess coming up. In the meantime, I need to try to get to know the newcomers better, though generally I am pretty bad at doing such things. Heh. Ah well, maybe I will talk more about work the next time if I am up for it.

In other matters, it appears I haven’t had much chance to touch my backlog during the week due to me being pretty tired and all after work so I guess it might be slacking off a little. In any case, the week’s entries are still able to be scheduled without any hiccups, thanks to the videos which I have cleared last month. Also, spending a bit of time on a game which I am currently pretty much stagnant because I don’t have much luck when it comes to having the right drops, as the game has proven to me since years ago. If not for some friends playing, I would probably have stopped by now.

Well, it’s pretty late on Sunday now, and I guess it won’t be long before I have to sleep and deal with the work waiting for me. The weather hasn’t been so nice lately either so everyone who’s still reading this, please take care of yourselves and hydrate more. See you next week, hopefully.

p.s. I really should have slept more during the weekend, but there’s this feeling of wanting to watch shows and play games.




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