Ticking Away

30 07 2017

Oh, it’s already quite late into the weekend, and this time there’s no self-made long weekend either, so there’s really not many hours left before it’s time to restart a brand new working week. I don’t think there will be a whole lot to talk about as usual, so let’s get over and be done with it.

Starting off with work, well, all I can say is that the busyness continues, though I am still not putting in that much more extra hours as some people would expect of us. Well, I am indeed staying slightly later than usual just so that I don’t leave halfway in the middle of something which makes it more difficult for me to continue the next day. Granted, I may not be anywhere being one of those hardworking people, I feel that the current state of affairs is something that I would definitely not want to go the extra mile for, due to reasons which I feel that is potentially causing bigger problems under the surface. The exact scope and impact of it is currently unclear to me, given how little I am actually involved in the grander scheme of things and all. Ah well, I probably should kick myself hard enough so that I do something about it, though I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if I procrastinated enough till it is pretty much going to be bite me badly. Well, I shall continue to look out for signs and clues along the way, while going back to a place which I am not exactly looking forward to these days.

This week, I actually really haven’t cleared much backlog, so much so that this is probably one of those rare weeks in which I have no entry to draft up for ‘reviews’, though I still cleared some fighting game videos. It’s not as much as usual, since I spent some time playing a somewhat old game and I’m not exactly sure why I am doing that either. Maybe it’s a good no brainer/stress reliever from work or perhaps watching shows is more taxing than it appears to be. That said, there will be no issues with the week’s coming entries, and they are already all scheduled much prior to me writing this entry right now. I guess having ‘reserves’ makes me that much more lazy.

Well then, I suppose that’s pretty much it for this week. Feels kinda like every other update right? Hahaha. Take care and I’ll see you next week, hopefully.




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