Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1847

29 07 2017

KOF XIV combo video by Y. Xiao. Seems like a farewell from the game (for now?). It’s been nice watching his videos thus far.

KOF XIV Terry combo video by persona

KOF02 Ralf combo video by ALX

KOF XIV Kensou combo video by Brian Kasugano. Some interesting links.

Tekken Retro Recap #2. Interesting way of summarising the story.

Injustice 2 Green Lantern combo clip by AngrySilencer

UMvC3 Spider Man combo clip by xero18

KOF02UM Ryo combos by TBS_BrunoKof

Tekken 7 Jin’s techniques against Gigas by DIGGS-86

KOF XIV Iori combo/mixup by Wu Alan




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