The Wheel of Fate is Turning

23 07 2017

It’s time for another weekly entry, and it is not exactly a very good weekend even though it is slated for another self-made long break. Well I’ll see how much details I will be willing to write later on.

So, it’s work stuff first if it goes in a similar format. I don’t suppose there is a whole lot to update, since it’s pretty much jam packed with work though I kind of refuse to OT since there is no light at the end of the tunnel from where I can see currently. I just stay back enough to wrap up a certain segment of my work so that it’s easier for me to continue and pick it up again the next working day. Certain decisions (or lack thereof) continue to baffle me. While I don’t claim to be able to make better decisions in every matter, there are some things which are obviously in dire need of action but it appears to me that no one is really interested in making the first move. Or at least, whatever efforts they have are definitely not visible nor felt in my time there. As much as I don’t like the idea, perhaps I would have to make my own move soon, likely to be against my usual pace of work.

Backlog wise, I guess I cleared some match footage from EVO2017. It’s not the biggest fighting game event for nothing, as there are really some awesome stuff happening though I must admit I couldn’t be bothered to watch all the videos right from the pools stages so there could be even more awesome stuff which I have missed out. For the coming week, it’s more fighting game videos as usual and I think currently it will last till late August, so you can probably expect it to extend to an even further date eventually. Yah well, it’s mostly just some routine for me since it’s not like a whole lot of viewers come around. In fact, it appears that there was a day in the month that had 0 views on my blog. Yep, 0. A new low. Lol.

Since it’s a long weekend I made for myself, I should try to make myself not so stressed, and perhaps muster some effort to do something about my life, which is potentially going to be a fairly big trouble in the likely case. At least, that’s based on my gut feeling after looking back at some of the signs which point to this outcome which I am thinking would take place. Well, I would like to be wrong for my own reason, but at the same time I can totally understand if it really ended up happening. After all, I am also thinking about the same thing, just that I haven’t gone into such a serious mode just yet. Perhaps it is time to bring that out again, though I haven’t had very good success rate with it based on past experience. I think the smarter readers may have already figured out what I am hinting at. Lol. Meanwhile, take care and I shall be back next week, hopefully.




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