New Office Again

16 07 2017

Time for another weekly update, and to be honest it seems my not so nice mood streak continues but I will still try to finish the entry. Well, I don’t think there will be a lot to update as usual, since my life is pretty routine and all.

As usual, let’s start with work stuff. As the title suggests, I’ve moved office again, even though I have yet to change employer. Technically, it’s like the 5th office space I’m working in (using my actual desk as reference), and looking at the current occupancy rate of the current workplace, it might not be long that some will have to move yet again because it simply cannot support the expansion of the team and project. To be honest, some of these things (and decisions making) baffles me somewhat since it definitely does not give me a huge sense of confidence or faith overall, though I admit there are other aspects which are probably handled well beyond what I could ever achieve with my current ‘vision’ level. Then again, maybe different people were making decisions for different matters and I am having all the wrong impressions. Whatever it is, I have no idea what to expect in the days ahead.

For the new office, there are also some really blatant blunders to begin with, though I will credit the People’s Team for following up on some of the matters. However, some matters I felt required more common sense than an issue of monetary stuff since they still ended up changing or going to change those things so it also kind of baffles me as to why certain things were done like that in the first place. Not exactly the best use of resources, showcase of planning and also paying attention to details (even if just referencing the previous office). As for the location, it is definitely further for me, and the food options which I have explored so far don’t seem to impress and generally costs more based on the kind of food I usually eat. It is also further to get my lunch which may not be a big deal to some of you but if you combine all the changes across the new office environment, it all adds up on how one would perceive the ‘greatness’ of the workplace.

Well, I guess for now I can only try to adapt in my own manner so that it becomes less of an annoyance but after a week at the new place, I still don’t think it’s overall a better place to work in. One factor could be that I don’t really have to interact with the other teams outside the tech team so that may be one aspect which gave me 0 plus points while it may have benefitted a bunch others. Actually, my biggest gripe with the project remains to be seen how it will be improved after all that ‘promises’ to do so over the past few reviews though I have yet to see an overall improvement of how it is run. Granted, there are aspects which have improved since the inception of the project, but there are also many other areas which I found little or no improvement, or one could even say gotten worse since it did not scale well. Of course, I understand there are likely many difficulties and other dependencies which affect all of that, but surely the allocation of resources is something that those who have some say in matters can do something about. Perhaps they are more pre-occupied with other matters which are deemed to be more important for the greater growth and hence the (relatively) lower priority stuff got ‘sacrificed’. Well, I shall continue to do my own observations and judgement on whether it is really something I can continue to bear with, or to make other concrete plans for the future. Maybe I will write about something each week, or maybe not.

On to other stuff, it is the weekend for one of the biggest fighting game tournament in the world and I suppose that means videos will roll in soon enough though I have already many entries waiting to be scheduled for publishing. Yeah, it also means I have more content to catch up on when it becomes more readily available. In the meantime, I suppose I will continue to schedule entries as the weeks come by. Then again, it seems that these content don’t really excite me much or give me the kind of enjoyment it would have previously. More like, I think it is a general problem I am facing currently, trying to figure out what is a good way for me to relax and enjoy. Ah well, maybe I’m taking things too easy, or have become even more uninterested in things, if that’s even considered possible. In any case, it is not a good feeling to be going through such a phase.

Well then, I suppose this week’s entry is long enough now, and I don’t exactly feel like going into further details for the time being so I guess that will be all for now. Take care and I should be back again next week if nothing goes horribly wrong.




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