A Year Older

9 07 2017

Does that mean I’m wiser than I was a year ago? Not so sure about that, but I figured that I am indeed able to ‘see through’ more things than my old self who just graduated and stepped into the working society for real some years ago. Well, that’s not the point here, or at least not at this moment (maybe in a later paragraph?).

Well starting with work stuff, the madness of backlog and workload continues to be there, though you could say it stopped ‘growing’ for the time being. That said, the backlog contains a number of huge tasks which will inevitably take quite a bit of time and from the looks of things, it doesn’t look like much control will be done at this phase yet, despite feedback from multiple people on a number of different occasions. Oh well, I think I have said my fair share whenever given the opportunity so I’m not sure what other things I can do about this. In any case, the past week was another short week since I took a day off on my birthday (self-made birthday off, not company welfare) and I had to do some packing up because I would be starting at a new office on Monday, of which I have no (real) idea on how to get there. I mean, I do know the rough direction in theory but I suppose I have no real visualisation of how the route is supposed to look like. I suppose I will find out tomorrow. The coming 2 weeks will be full working weeks, and it’ll probably continue to be a busy period. More like, it doesn’t look like it won’t be busy for me (and other QAs) for at least the next few months to come. We shall see how it goes in the new working place and the kind of ‘flaws’ I will spot. Till then, I don’t suppose I am exactly in the mood to talk/rant about it further.

As usual, the week’s entries have already been scheduled prior to writing this, and the fighting game videos streak continues on. However, I haven’t exactly been working on my backlog very much this week because of the various in-game events of the usual mobile apps I play so there’s that. To be honest, I shouldn’t be all that concerned on how much of backlog I clear as long as I am enjoying myself, though that also seems to be a problem in recent times as hardly anything makes me truly relaxed and entertained. Perhaps I need to take a step in a different direction before I can ‘turn’ my life around, but the problem is I still have no idea what the direction I should take. Ah well, weeks will drag on until I figure out it myself. In the meantime, I also need to figure out how to make best of the ‘local’ happiness. Well then, I suppose that is all for this week’s update. Time to go back and mull over stuff… Take care and see you next week.




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