Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1827

6 07 2017

Dragonball Fighters Z announcement trailer. Certainly one of the surprises when it was revealed, and I am curious as to how the final product would be like. We’ll find out next year I guess.

KOF XIV hitbox viewer testing by Gato Ray. Another useful mod

Tekken 7 Akuma fireball properties by theater10. After watching a few times, I think it’s trying to showcase certain properties about the projectiles.

Tekken 7 Miguel combo video by Insenity

KOF XIV Ryo combos by Gutts. 1 meter combos

Tekken 7 Akuma combo clip by Team Edmonton Gamers

Injustice 2 Atrocitus combo guide by VesperArcade

Injustice 2 Sub-Zero trailer

Killer Instinct Eagle trailer

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite game controls trailer




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