It’s Been 3 Years

2 07 2017

Time for another weekly update, though I’m not exactly in a very suitable mood to be writing stuff. In any case, it should probably be going through the usual same old format so I might actually still be able to complete the entry somehow. Well then, I guess first up should be work related stuff.

Thanks to the public holiday on Monday, it is another 4 day work week for me, which makes it the third consecutive week where I only work for 4 days. I must say that even with a shortened work week for the past few weeks, it’s not like work becomes a breeze or something enjoyable enough to look forward to, mainly because of how things are run. It’s almost at the tipping point in my perspective, and hopefully the promised changes will happen to at least reverse some of the worsening trends ever since I went for my reservist duties. Ah well, as usual, someone of my status has almost 0 influence on how things should run or change, so I am pretty much on the receiving end. Let’s see which battle will win first.

Backlog wise, I suppose I managed to clear a few shows and so that means there are a few entries waiting for me to draft. Actually it feels like I haven’t really written much entries in recent weeks, probably distracted by other things and also spending more time on clearing videos. Speaking of which, it continues to be more fighting game videos and I can safely say for sure that it will continue into the next month and beyond based on current trends. Yeah, they are also scheduled for the week ahead, something I usually find it easier to do than to write weekly entry. Lol.

The coming week will be another 4 day work week, though this time the break comes at the end of the week instead of the start. It will also probably be my final shortened work week for the next few weeks, or actually it’s because I haven’t thought about how I would want to spread/take my leave days for the 2nd half of the year. After all, there are days I have to clear because not all can be carried over to the next calendar year. Of course, there’s also the possibility of me not needing to clear these days if I am not around for the next calendar year. Lol. Yah well, I suppose that’s all for the week since I am not really in the mood to be writing more. Hopefully next week will be better?

p.s. those who know me well should probably be able to figure out what the title means.




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