Tipping Point

25 06 2017

Oh right, I nearly forgot I am supposed to be blogging a weekly update as per usual and there I was happily playing away and forgetting about the time. Ah well, better late than never. Then again, it is not like I have a whole lot to share this week, so we shall see how it goes.

Let’s begin with work stuff again. Well, it was another 4 day work week for me so it didn’t feel that bad which I would otherwise possibly be in a worse mood considering how the planning and management of stuff appear to be going. Oh well, I shall continue to do my tasks and do my part in informing stakeholders when I see something amiss, but beyond that, I am not actually motivated to do anything extra or even feel for the project as a whole considering how the whole work process is going these days. Seems like the period while I was away made the whole thing worse, or at least from the way I view it ever since I returned to my little workplace. Not sure how they intend to turn things around, since I believe there is a limit to how much a talented bunch of technical staff can hold it together before it really falls apart. Perhaps I am not seeing the big picture or the other things which are going on in the background, but as far as I am concerned, I am anything but happy with where I am working currently. Oh well, if someone at my workplace happens to see this, then I guess it’s just too bad for me. Lol.

Enough of work stuff, it appears that the steam sale has begun again though I am not sure if I would actually buy anything this time. I mean, I haven’t exactly been playing as much as I would the past few months and I am actually watching too much random stuff though I think a bigger part would really be all the videos in recent weeks and also spending a fair bit of time on mobile games. Ah well, in any case, my little experiment regarding steam trading cards continue, and my wallet amount continues to grow in terms of nominal monetary value. I think I shall continue with it and see how far it can go before I actually stop bothering about it.

For the coming week, the entries have already been scheduled and of course it would be more fighting game videos. And while scheduling the entries, I can really see the gap between watching it and publishing it is getting wider. Oh well by my estimation, it should comfortably continue for the entire coming month, and possibly the one after too if my expectations on the content available in the near future. It probably wouldn’t affect my clearing schedule too much, but perhaps it will affect my backlog a little.

It is another long weekend, thanks to the public holiday today so I am going to enjoy another relaxing night once again. That makes it consecutive weeks where I will not work full week since my reservist period. Lol, I guess I really do like spreading breaks out than to have a long stretch of being away and playing major catch up. I wonder if I will be playing more games or watching more shows. In any case, it should be a long week of work ahead after that considering some of the deadlines (hah), and I shall be back next week hopefully.

p.s. it was nice to meet up with some friends, though it might be quite some time before the next one.




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