Reflection Time

18 06 2017

Another late weekly update, this time I don’t exactly have as much drive to write such an entry or have thoughts I want to share. Actually, it is more like I am still processing some of the thoughts myself, and not really sure what to point out or share just yet, so it should be mostly back to the usual stuff.

So, let’s start with work stuff. It was a 4 day week for me, since I was clearing a day’s leave at the start and that pretty much makes the rest of the week for me “fulfilling” – fully filled with work. Well, considering the number of tasks which needs to be cleared vs the number of QA members actually in the project, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the “bottleneck” is pretty much on our side right now. I have no idea how long this will go on, and it’s definitely not something healthy or good for the project, and to be honest I have already sort of given up hope on things changing in a concrete manner positively considering how many times I have already pointed out in the past and I was told that “things will change/improve”. Lol, oh well, I shall continue with my current style and handling of work tasks since it seem to still work fine up till now. Guess I’ll make adjustments along the way if things change drastically. Hah.

Now on to other stuff. Finally met up with a couple of buddies though the turnout was not like I had hoped to be. In any case, it is nice to catch up face to face, something I feel is still different from mere texting/messaging over whatever apps you have there right now. There are also things/details which are probably only said because of the frequency of chatting right there. Also, I have probably added a little bit more stuff into my mind to ponder about, which I will end up probably taking quite some time to figure out or make a decision given my usual self. Well, nonetheless it’s still nice to meet up with friends once in a while, though I find it increasingly difficult to get hold of people these days. Ah well, guess it’s another one of those things I need to get used to.

For the week’s entries, as usual it is already scheduled by this time and it continues to be fighting game videos. With the recent E3 event, there are even more stuff popping up, which is good for my viewing but maybe not so for the entries since the ‘time gap’ between the published contents and the dates are getting further apart though it’s not really of my main concern. Haha. In any case, it looks like it will continue for a few more weeks and judging from the possible events coming next month, I would say it may continue for a while more after that even. Yah well, don’t think it affects many people if I look at the average traffic of my blog these days.

In any case, I think that’s pretty much all for this week and I’ll be back to enjoy my long weekend, with the final 2016 leave day to be cleared. Maybe I shall do something different in the meantime too. Take care and I shall see you next time.




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