Change of Direction?

11 06 2017

Yea yea, I know I am late again this week, though perhaps even if I don’t mention, maybe no one would have noticed anyway. In any case, to me, it’s the long weekend this time round as I am clearing one of the remaining leave which I have to before the end of the month tomorrow so it’s another self-made long weekend. I used to clear on Fridays, but for the next 2 weeks it would be on Mondays for a change to see how that turns out. It’s also partly influenced by the recent end date of my national duty and also taking into consideration of the public holiday towards the end of the month to spread out the mandatory-to-clear leave days.

Well, I can go back to talking about work first, unlike the past couple of entries. After being away from work for a few weeks, it did seem a bit foreign at first, and it’s not just the work to catch up on. I saw a number of new faces and till now I don’t exactly know their names or what exactly they are doing. Apparently some are interns while there are also new perm staff. Ah well, I suppose I will figure out as time goes by, be it either through work needs or introduction through other means. Work wise, there isn’t exactly a whole lot to pick up which are half done because the tasks which I handed over previously have pretty much already gone Live. That isn’t a huge surprise to me actually. That said, there are, of course, new tasks to do and naturally some of them have already been assigned to me. It does seem there is quite a bit to accomplish and partly I think it’s because expansion of team member headcount has been done for practically every sub-team, except the one I’m in I guess. It is slowly, but surely putting a toll and I have no idea when it will actually break stuff (significantly). Oh well, not that I can actually do anything about it to change things directly. I shall just focus on ‘surviving’ my portion first before I worry about other matters.

From here on, it is not directly related to work, but may contain some thoughts which may or may not affect it in some ways. That said, it should be treated more like random ramblings from me since it may not translate to any concrete action at all eventually. Despite the board and ministry where I had my recent training at over the past few weeks being “known” for some of the inefficiencies and ‘red tape’ when it comes to performing certain tasks or making decisions, the stark contrast in culture and practice from my current workplace did provide some sort of alternative view and first hand experience (albeit not very long). The differences have led to me having some additional thoughts and opinions on how some things are being run in the project I am currently in. I can’t say that it’s bad or anything, since the objectives and goals are somewhat different, and of course the standards which have to be adhered to are also vastly different.

However, I believe that there are some things which are probably common and mostly applicable in whatever environment one is in, such as management of the entire workflow as a whole or measures put in place to reduce chaos and confusion on the ground by making sure that inter-department/team cooperation can operate smoothly as a whole while maintaining individual’s ability to run in its own manner and standards. Currently, what I am seeing is that there are numerous flaws at where I am, though most of it I have already realised prior to my training period. It’s just that it somehow feels much more ‘magnified’ now for whatever reason. That said, I also do not have any idea on what the real solution should be, though if I am able to solve these problems myself, I probably should change my job role to something else instead of what I am currently doing. Issues have also been brought up over time, but to be honest, the progress isn’t a lot though it’s definitely better when things first began. Sometimes I wonder if I should stick around to see how things go, or request to go somewhere else internally, or even to look elsewhere to see if appropriate opportunities are out there for me to grab, or in the more extreme case to try something totally different. I do not have a convincing answer for myself currently, so for now it should most likely be staying put while trying to figure out what I really want, something which I haven’t been able to bring myself to answer truthfully for a long time. In any case, I shall be more open to other alternatives and opportunities from now on, since I realise that one should probably not be afraid to try something new, though it’s still subject to the level of acceptance/forgiving-ness of the new environment which I think generally is not so much the case, especially for a fast paced setting.

Ok, I think I have talked enough about other stuff and it’s time to move on to the final segments of the weekly update. As usual, I have already scheduled entries for the rest of the week and it will continue to be fighting game videos. In fact, the backlog of that didn’t seem to decrease despite me trying to clear every weekend that it sort of affects my other backlog clearing targets. Oh well, I shouldn’t take those targets too seriously since relaxation and enjoyment should be the primary objective. Will likely be watching more stuff during my extended break. In the meantime, I shall also try to rest up more as I expect myself to need to expend more energy to tackle the stuff at work when I head back to deal with them again =( Also, the weather appears to be rather warm these days so please take care of yourselves too. See you next time, hopefully with not such a long entry anymore.




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