4 More Days

28 05 2017

Not surprisingly, I am late with this week’s entry again, largely due to fatigue and lack of energy to be writing. Yeah well, I can only say that this high key training course is much more tiring than I had envisioned it to be. To be honest, I am a little surprised that my physical body is still holding up, though I suspect it’s at the brink of ‘breaking’. Let’s just hope it’s enough to survive the last stretch coming up next week.

This is probably the first time in a long period that I have an entire week without any work, so this time the 2nd paragraph will not be for work related stuff. I guess maybe I will just write a little bit more about the 3 week training course that I am currently attending. While it may be one of the more useful reservist training options available in terms of relevance to (somewhat) common practice in ordinary society setting, it is something that doesn’t exactly go very well with me since the physical requirements are actually more than it looks, not to mention the related skills and knowledge required to do a good job. I suppose it is not a huge surprise that not many locals will want to do such a job, though I have not factored in the renumeration element as a factor since I think the other conditions are probably enough to deter many from going into it. By naive(?) extrapolation, I can only imagine that there are ‘worse’ conditions for those working ‘further up’ in the front lines of healthcare sector. Oh well, I suppose it’s still some sort of first-hand experience which I otherwise would not have. Just a handful more days to go (for this year), but it’s probably not going to be a walk in the park in any case.

As expected, backlog progress continues to be pretty much stagnant. In fact, even the YouTube videos backlog is growing with the recent release of another fighting game and I will probably be spending much of the next couple of weeks at least (my rough estimate now) to catch up on that. In any case, that also means that the coming weeks should be solely dedicated to fighting game videos. Yup, the coming week’s portion is already scheduled and I would probably be heading back to clearing more videos after writing this entry if nothing else comes up. I suppose I will be spending a considerable time during my rest days, well, resting otherwise I likely won’t be able to sustain for the final stretch. I think I am the one who really needs to take care this time round. Heh. See you next week then.




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