Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1777

8 05 2017

Street Fighter V teabag tutorial by Desk. This is a pretty serious video on a not so serious technique. Turned out to be fairly entertaining… Pity didn’t showcase the older KOF titles, that technique is actually useful.

KOF XIV Benimaru combo video by Combonauts. The BGM chosen really brings back memories

KOF XIV Vanessa combo clip by Opsclerk

KOF XIV combo video by Kyoforever. Mostly Whip stuff though

Terry Bogard combo video by Y. Xiao. Nicely edit

KOF XIV Iori combo clip by Wu Alan. Styling?

KOF XIV Shun’Ei mixup combo by Kyor1s

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story trailer 1

Tekken 7 roster highlights #1

Injustice 2 Brianiac trailer




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