Fantastic Long Weekend

30 04 2017

It’s time for another weekly update and I’m pretty much in the midst of an enjoyable and relaxing long weekend, starting from Friday as a part of clearing leave, and there’s a coming public holiday tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean there will be more interesting stuff to write about, and in fact it might make it more ‘boring’ since what I do on my off days are pretty standard. Anyway, time to go through the usual(?) stuff then.

First up, work has been fairly busy the past week, with many things to do each day and much issues have been found. Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but some of the errors made are still a reflection of how well the system is known to others etc. Lol, then again, I’m not sure of all the details myself so I guess I shouldn’t be saying too much about others. Though I’m not sure if anyone knows everything anyway. Hah. Well, since this is a fairly big task, I suppose I will still need to spend some time in the coming week to deal with this, hopefully be able to somewhat wrap it up too. I know for sure the first day of work will be mostly spent catching up on stuff and whatnot.

Backlog wise, it has been a nice time clearing shows, some of them being fairly entertaining which is a good thing, but I suppose there is a fair share of misses too. Anyhow, it will continue to build up my draft reserves, as the coming week will be once again filled with fighting game videos. Not sure if that will continue in the weeks ahead, but it seems there will be more fighting games being released over the course of the year, so I shall be looking forward to new stuff in the months ahead anyway.

Unlike usual weekends, there is still some time ahead to enjoy so I will continue to do so before heading back to another busy work week (I presume). Take care and enjoy your long weekend too.




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