Short Week Long Weekend

16 04 2017

Hmm, time to write another weekly update, but since I have recently just written one for the anniversary blog which is typically different from the usual drafts I do, it does feel a little like writing 2 updates in close timing to each other. Ah well, I don’t think there’s a lot to talk about this week either so it should be over soon anyhow. Heh.

So, let’s start with work. It was another relatively short week for me. Firstly, there’s the recent public holiday which made this a long weekend (awesome) and on top of that I fell ill at the start of the week which took another 2 days off work. Well, it sure wasn’t fun being ill, and I am not fully recovered yet, though it is significantly better than when it started. To be honest, I made myself go back to work for the other 2 days because I thought dragging out any further would probably hurt when I needed to do catch up so I thought to clear some stuff with whatever I could. Turns out that the progression of work was not as much as I envisioned it to be, which is kind of strange, but that also translates to it being potentially more ‘harmful’ as the deadline draws near. For some reason, I don’t see those “in charge” being particularly anxious about the progress of some of the tasks at hand. Ah well, if they are not anxious, I guess I shouldn’t fret so much over it. After all, I still have some illness to deal with. I just hope the coming week(s) before I have to go for reservist will go by without much trouble.

If anything, once again, I have already scheduled entries for the rest of the week and in fact there’s also almost enough for the following week as well. I suppose the DLC characters for KOF XIV really changed the landscape for my blog quite a bit for now. Well, but some of it is getting repetitive at this point, after all I think the variety is limited until further discovery and research are made. As for my backlog clearing and planning to play more games, I realise recently I have fallen back behind desired levels, not sure if due to me falling ill, or that I am distracted by other stuffs. Hic, then again I never really managed to hit any of those kind of plans for the most part so it’s not supposed to be a huge surprise or anything. Anyway, it’s supposed to be a relaxing activity rather than a stressful thing to go through, so it’s better than to pressurise myself to finish them for the sake of finishing them.

Oh well, as expected, nothing too much eventful stuff this week, and the long weekend is just hours away from ending. Guess I should spend the time enjoyably before a supposedly long week ahead. Take care and I should be back next week. See ya.




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