Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1754

10 04 2017

Street Fighter V beach stage changes + other CFN changes compilation by VesperArcade. I see some improvements here, though it may not be what some/many may be looking for.

KOF XIV new stages trailer. Classic stages for free. Yay?

3rd Strike Oro combo clip by 1S1nc

KOF XIV Rock combos. Looks cool

KOF XIV Billy trade combo clip by Sir Kaphwan

Street Fighter V Balrog combo by Kane Blueriver. In response to a challenge going around lately

MSH Iron Man combo clip by Armison

Injustice 2 Catwoman trailer

Fighting EX Layer(?) “April Fool” trailer. While the official video’s description says that it’s an April’s Fool joke, when I watched this (before the video by VesperArcade later below), it seems too elaborate for a not so huge company to be doing such at a stunt at this point.

Comments and details by VesperArcade on the above




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