Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo

8 04 2017


Japanese title: 東京全力少女
Number of episodes: 11

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

The lead actress for this drama is just like the title, being in full power appearing season after season (I still have a couple of series untouched at the moment) and in here, she plays a young girl who does everything very seriously and putting in lots of efforts, often too much that it backfires and causes more trouble (and awkward siutations) instead.

As you might have guessed, this series is pretty much a light-hearted comedy type of drama so don’t go expecting too much in terms of plot and all. Of course, they do try to come up with one so that there’s something to do in every episode but just don’t put too much expectations/hopes into that department. After all, it happens quite often that the actions the characters take as a forceful indication of things to come, which is not very good if you can visualise what’s to come.

For the comedy factor, there has been some efforts put into it, though sadly most of it requires additional sound effects added to the movements in sync, or quite hard to laugh puns (some aren’t exactly puns too) put there. Yea, most of the time I don’t exactly find it amusing, but somehow it was allowed to continue to 11 episodes despite its relatively poor ratings. I admit there are some moments which are rather amusing but those aren’t actually common occurrences, so one may have to sit through quite a while before something that seems ‘worthy enough’ comes along.

Overall, this was really a very ordinary series without much salient portions to look out for. Most of the episodes were watched either while multi-tasking or fast forwarded here and there to skip some of the parts which are draggy as heck but not at all entertaining.

p.s. the biggest motivation is the Chi/Jap subtitling combination from which I’m trying to learn some basic skills while watching since it appears to be the most ‘receptive’ method for me.




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