Koko Nyushi

7 04 2017


Japanese title: 高校入試
Number of episodes: 13

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

From the title, it is evident that the series would be about the high school entrance examinations that is the practice in Japan but not so much the case over here. Anyhow, I was wondering what story could go for an entire series and revolving around a single entrance exam. Turns out it is really about this one year’s entrance exams at a particular school.

Tagged as a mystery drama, it made me wonder how mysterious it could get but it really does turn out to be a ‘case’ where there are clues to occurrences but no concrete proof at early stages as to who is/are behind the different incidents. I would say the series was quite nicely done in the beginning in hiding crucial information which will lead to the revelation of person(s) directly involved. As each episode is only slightly over half an hour on average, most of them are just sufficient to be spent on deducing the events so far plus introducing new factors etc to throw the audience off once again after thinking that we are one step closer to finding the mastermind behind.

One problem most mystery drama face is how to handle the revelation of the workings behind the so called mystery as well as the motive of the culprit(s), and this series is no exception. When things came down to it and those who are involved are revealed and the explanation parts began somehow it didn’t feel all that interesting. I mean, the motivation behind some of those who participated in this action against the education practice is quite clear, but I am actually wondering if affecting ‘just one school’ is sufficient to push the ministry into thinking about some of the changes into action that these people were looking forward to.

In some ways, I am kind of thankful I didn’t have to go through such an education system of entrance exams since I’m not really suited for such a thing. I’d probably be ‘worse off’ than where/what I am right now, but anyhow it is kind of nice to see a different kind of story plot setting. Well at least it was something new to me. I’m curious how many days the entire filming took, since it seems like it could have been filmed in a relatively short time for a series that spanned across 13 weeks and it was certainly very possible to do a lot of scenes in a single day if they had wanted to.




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