6 04 2017


Number of episodes: 10

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

Ah, another Kimura Takuya drama series which essentially means another year of drama has gone by though I watched the one before this not too long ago. Again, he gets to play a charismatic role but in this series he gets to go through a poor man’s life after hitting a slump thanks to a ploy by his company’s vice chairperson.

From there, you can only imagine and expect our main character to be going through tough times, but given the personality he does not give up and find ways to live life the way he wants it and eventually coming up tops since he is able to naturally gather and ‘attract’ people with his charisma. Of course, this sort of role is something we’ve probably seen quite a number of times in older series so this might be lacking a little.

As the title suggests, there are many things money can definitely buy and make life ‘easier and better’, but of course the drama has to look into things that you have to put your heart and efforts into instead of taking the easy way out by either using money (or profitability) or neglecting the aspects that cannot simply be replaced by using capital. Storyline wise, it is not difficult to see where it will head to once our main character actually decides on doing something, but he likes to do ‘crazy’ things so it takes out a little predictability there.

The downside is that being a drama, some things have to naturally go much more smoothly which everyone should know reality would most likely not be the case, at least not as smooth sailing as this. Of course there are also some situations where it doesn’t actually seem ‘logical’, but yea for the sake of progression of the drama it probably has to go this way.

Overall, it started out fairly okay, but as the series progressed, some things just don’t seem very right if one looks at the details and given the kind of expectations one might have for this series it probably didn’t turn out as fantastic as some were hoping for. Granted there are some nice moments, it probably isn’t enough to make it the drama of the year. Still better than many other options available though. Wonder what will in store for us next year…




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