Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1752

4 04 2017

KOF XIV Rock Howard trailer. Well, that wraps up the final DLC character revelation (for now?). Seems like new stages and more character balances will be coming along with the release of these characters too.

KOF XIV Hein combo video by Combonauts

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Nina and Anna combo clip by Savage Ogre

UMvC3 Ryu, Phoenix, Shuma Gorath combo clip by Zeohawk

UMvC3 Resident Evil team combo video by Legendary Jago

KOF99 Iori combo clip by Fabio

KOF XIV Gang Il option select by Gutts. That’s a lot of options, but I think people still probably wouldn’t use him in tournaments.

KOF XIV Mai, Athena guard break setups by Gato Ray

Street Fighter V new moves/specials changes compilation by VesperArcade

Injustice 2 – It’s Good to be Bad trailer. Includes a couple more character revelation




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