Joining In

2 04 2017

Oh man, this week’s update is pretty late, though I have been writing a bunch of entries this weekend thus far. In any case, it’s still better late than never and I am also nearing another completed year for this blog space. More on that when the anniversary entry comes along. Meanwhile, I should just jump into this entry and get it done. Lol.

So, the usual is to start with work stuff, but it is not like there will be a lot to talk about this week. For one, I took a day off on Friday to settle some stuff and sometime earlier during the week I also fell ill and thus missed yet another day of work. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of pressing stuff for me to look at this week, though the same can’t be said for the next few weeks, if the schedule is still to be followed. Well, that’s for me to worry about when it comes, which is like starting from tomorrow. Lol. Anyway, I have also heard news that the move is indeed inevitable, and it will happen in a few months’ time. To be honest, I am not looking forward to it, and I seriously wonder if it will further affect me to make a move, though I have no idea where to head to.

For this week, I will talk a little extra stuff, which is probably nothing new to many of you other there (I think). So I’ve finally downloaded and used the Grab app after it has made a wave locally for quite some time. I can see why it’s popular and it’s really easy to use, not to mention the availability of codes to make it that much more attractive to want to hop on instead of taking the bus or MRT which may take a long time. While it may be tempting to take it often, I think I will still try to restrict myself since the cost difference is something that still needs consideration on my part though I will probably be more open to this option when the appropriate time arrives.

Back to the normal stuff. Once again, the entries for the week has been scheduled, though I shall be tapping on a little bit of reserve entries once again. While I have managed to clear a majority of the entries to be drafted recently due to a little ‘surge’ thanks to the end of a season, there are still a few more to go through and I’m not exactly sure if I still have the mood to continue writing for the rest of tonight. Not in a hurry to write it as usual, other than to prevent it to stock up too much. Ah well, maybe it’s not such an interesting thing to do to end the weekend, so maybe I will end up indulging in more shows and stuff instead of writing. I guess I’m not a writing person after all, despite having training with thousands of entries literally. Not sure how the days ahead would be, but as of now I don’t really have anything in particular to look forward to. Take care and I shall see you next week.




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