Strawberry Night SP (2013)

1 04 2017


Japanese title: ストロベリーナイト ~アフター・ザ・インビジブルレイン~
Number of episodes: 1

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

I was actually surprised to see a special episode airing in early 2013, and after watching for a bit I realise that the events taking place in this episode probably happens after the events that will take place in the movie production which screened at/around the time of the theatrical release but of course I am have yet to watch the movie. At least, that’s my deduction based on the little trailers that I’ve seen for the movie.

It takes a little longer before I finally figure out this episode covers a few shorter stories or cases, each featuring a different member of the core cast that we are familiar with, probably depicting how their relocation to other departments/stations have affected their lives/career etc. Other than not knowing what happened during the movie’s plot, the outcome of the movie can probably be figured out from watching this series and perhaps it might be considered a spoiler to some of you.

As each case is only given a fairly short time, one can expect it to be a rather straightforward case, or they will just fast forward and cover all the crucial findings quickly so that it can proceed to wrap before the next one. It’s not really a bad thing I suppose, considering this is sort of like an ‘aftermath’ episode. Not sure if there will be any other sort of sequels, but if there is I suppose there might be a need to have some kind of ‘incident’ so that we can get at least a signficant part (at least not just 1 or 2 people) of the familiar characters and cast back together.

Actually there are also 4 other mini (really short) episodes titled Strawberry Midnight and we get to see some of the supporting cast appearing in a short ‘mini-series’ covering some matters in a more light hearted way and has no impact on story or new cases whatsoever.

Meanwhile, I can only wait for the movie to be released in a format which I can watch and understand. That will probably take place in about half a year’s time from the time of this draft according to my experience. Hope I don’t forget even more details about the show by then. Hah.




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