Fighting Game Videos Vol. 1748

29 03 2017

KOF XIV World Championship Finals. Probably the tournament format was the most disappointing aspect. While the character variety may be a little limited, it’s not exactly new to KOF, so I don’t know why people are complaining. The video may be a little long, but there are some parts which can be skipped (eg. button checks, changing of players to the stage etc)

KOF XIV World Championship highlights by Gato Ray. For those who really can’t be bothered to watch through the whole event above, this one has some nice moments though I felt there are also other hype moments too.

KOF XIV Whip vs Ralf official gameplay video. Doesn’t give enough justice to the character I feel (more like my guess)

Street Fighter V matches between Daigo and YHCmochi. A first to 5 series

UMvC3 Haggar, Doctor Doom, Phoenix combo clip by Kane Blueriver

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe MG Hikaru combo video by FightersLegend

UMvC3 Iron Fist combo video by HT MrFlubbs

KOF XIV Mai guard break setup by Kane Blueriver

Street Fighter V V-reversal and charge moves changes explanation by VesperArcade

Injustice 2 Cheetah trailer



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