Returning to Root?

26 03 2017

Hello there, it is time for another weekly update and indeed I am late again this week. Lol, well there’s also not a whole lot to talk about this time (as usual?) so not much of a difference either I guess. Been slacking off quite a bit this weekend, as well as clearing some backlog here and there.

Let’s start with work stuff as usual I suppose. Surprisingly, the past week was pretty all right and it went ok though I think there’s a big thing waiting around the corner. That will probably have to be dealt with sometime next month, so I guess for now I should try to take it easy while I still can. There are also some other changes coming to the workplace, though I have no idea exactly when these things would happen. Probably have to wait and see then, unless I happen to hear it from someone else, considering how resourceful I am at the workplace. Ah well, those are also changes which are not within my control nor influence so it’s a matter of knowing how early.

As mentioned earlier, I have been spending some time this weekend on clearing some backlog, both writing and shows alike. It’s towards the end of a season, so I suppose this is sort of half expected though not every show ends on the same week so I guess it will probably continue for another week or two, depending on how quick I actually finish some of these shows. Yah well, no real hurry for these to be written except for preventing the backlog from overflowing a tad too much. I am still unable to continuously write that many entries in a single day without greatly affecting the quality of the entry, not that the level is very high to begin with. Haha.

Yeah well, the week’s entries have been scheduled already, as part of taking a break between clearing drafting backlog yesterday so there’s that. Also been spending some time playing mobile game though it’s not exactly all that fun. It’s getting a bit grindy so I won’t be surprised if I actually stop being as active soon. Then again, it’s probably a good time killer while on public transport or things like that. Ah well, I might actually draft an entry on that if I actually progress enough to give a decent ‘review’. Lol.

There are still some hours left for the weekend, and technically still have a few entries to draft. Not sure whether I will continue to write, or end up doing other things. Either way, I should be enjoying the weekend, not going through the motion. I guess the next time I am back to doing updates will be the next month/quarter. Till then, take care.



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