Suitei Yuuzai

25 03 2017


Japanese title: 推定有罪
Number of episodes: 5

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

While this may not be the first drama series I watch this year, somehow I feel as though it has been quite some time since I wrote an entry for a drama. Perhaps it’s due to me being ‘busy’ with other matters and perhaps clearing drafts of other sorts which made the time ‘feel different’. Anyhow, this is a fairly short series and this is another mystery drama of sorts though the focus is not so much from the investigator’s point of view but rather a reporter who feels quite responsible for writing an article 1 zodiac cycle ago, causing much uproar and eventually becoming a ‘catalyst’ for the arrest and prosecution of the convicted.

Turns out that this ruthless murderer is anything but guilty with a recent appeal to overturn DNA results with more recent technology as compared to the time when this scientific approach was pushed and introduced into the crime fighting methodology. For those who are familiar with Japanese series (and perhaps there is some truth in reality), the police organisation wants to cover up the possible scandals that may be linked to it on top of the already bad press they got for convicting someone wrongly for such a long time.

As you might have guessed from reading, these scandals and clues will constantly be looked deeper into despite having ‘external’ forces wanting to stop this route of investigation. Of course, as the main character is a reporter, it will be more of a perspective of a reporter wanting to discover and unveil the truth in his own journalism manner as well as the kind of ‘damage’ he might have caused to various parties due to the things he had reported/written in the past. Not bad on this aspect, and perhaps a different kind of reporter from those who want to gain fame and reputation from writing scoops or sensational articles.

I was a little surprised at how (relatively) quick the resolution portion came about towards the end of the series considering the level of people involved in the real crime situation. I suppose by that time, apprehending the real criminal is no longer top concern from the story’s plot, but rather to deal with the people’s feelings especially those directly involved/affected by this entire matter. The cast generally played their roles well, and I am thankful for that as the progress of the story turns out to be mostly quite straightforward. Despite it being a short series, on the whole it felt just about the right amount of content to be shown without compromising too much elsewhere.




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