More Change Required?

19 03 2017

Oh, it’s that time of the week again, though this time I am early again just like last week (if I recall correctly). Nope, it’s not like I have some event to attend tomorrow – it’s more like I felt like I should write it now while I somewhat “feel like it”. Beats postponing to the actual day and then I am not in the mood to write anything at all. After all, it is not like it’s going to make much difference either way, given how eventful my stuff usually is.

Starting with work, there isn’t a whole lot to write about, since I missed a couple of days to work – 1 due to me taking annual leave, and another due to government’s call up. That said, it looks like the coming week will be a busier period for me, with a relatively big task waiting for me to tackle. Hopefully I will be able to finish it within the deadline without too much trouble. I guess if it doesn’t go too well, it will probably reflect here somewhat later on, so we shall just wait and see what happens.

So yup, there’s that call up which technically happened some months ago, but only having to show up just the other day. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t be called up after all this time, but I guess I’m not so easily forgotten despite being a nobody. Heh, actually that single session didn’t amount to much, mostly there to make up the numbers. Ok la, at least I got a glimpse of what to expect in the years ahead and I guess it will be a new experience to go through. More on this in the not so distant future then.

Yeah, I have also already scheduled the entries for the rest of the week and it has a little bit more fighting game video entries than the past few weeks, though there’s probably a bit of ‘fluff'(?) inside. Haha, heck I just put in whatever I’ve watched. On the other hand, I don’t seem to have cleared as much backlog so maybe I need to put in a bit more effort in clearing that. Probably been slacking off a little bit recently, or maybe there will be a ‘spike’ later on as we are approaching to the end of another season. Hmm, I think that’s all for this week, and I am not exactly looking forward to the coming week. May it go by peacefully. Take care and I should be back next week, though not sure if I’ll be early, late or punctual =P See ya

p.s. I have a few other matters bugging me, so sorry if the entry sounded a bit weirder than usual.




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