Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~

18 03 2017


Japanese title: ランナウェイ~愛する君のために
Number of episodes: 9

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

Actually this show has been sitting around for some time, but I didn’t start on it immediately as I have some mixed feelings about the main plot of the story as well as the lack of eye catching cast members that make me want to jump right in. Anyhow, it turned out to be better than I had expected, though there are definitely some overdramatic moments and things that didn’t play out all too well.

As the title suggests, this drama does feature runaways, in fact a group of them who escape from jail, each having their own plans and reasons for wanting to commit this serious criminal offence when they could have potentially been set up for crimes they didn’t commit and sent to serve jail term because of that. Then again, it is because of this unfortunate history that some of them want to go finish some incomplete business rather than regretting for the rest of their lives. Everyone’s reason is different and we will get to see them in the course of the series, as they make many stops across the country to get from place to place in order to reach their desired destinations.

But as a bunch of inmates and then escapees, the suspicions against each other is definitely one key factor that can overturn a co-operative group into one that will betray without a second thought. Well, another aspect of the show would be to witness the kind of bond (and friendship?) that these people will have eventually as they get to know more about each other and what goals and unfinished business they had to attend to that was worth the burden and crime for making an escape. On this part it’s not too bad, but it’s often “encouraged” by some of the events that happened around them while escaping and some of these events and near-misses are sometimes quite forcefully scripted which ends up making less of an impact.

It’s not happy ending for everyone, and they do have to pay for the price for escaping and creating all this trouble in their own way. At least they weren’t trying to imply that it is so easy to escape and remain uncaught. Lol, perhaps they weren’t allowed to portray such scenarios for a storyline like this. Anyhow, it may not be the best of series out there, but I find that it may actually be better than it looks/sounds.




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