Writing in Advance

12 03 2017

For one of the less common times, I am actually writing this ahead of time since I have a feeling I will be procrastinating a whole lot if I left it to the usual practice and I don’t exactly have the time to do catch up tomorrow afternoon since I need to head out to attend an important event of my friend’s. Ah well, it’s not like waiting that extra half day or so is going to change much content in this week’s update so I suppose writing this now will affect anything. In fact, I can probably do this for most weekends and it wouldn’t have much impact, if at all.

And so, I managed to finish another full week of work in one piece, though there was a small episode which needed some review. Oh well, it’s something to learn from and move on, hopefully the next time such things won’t happen much. It will also require assistance and cooperation from multiple parties in order for this to be reduced and I’m not sure if it is that easy to execute really. There are still some leftover tasks and I think I should be playing catching up after I return to work on Tuesday since I am taking the day off on Monday as part of clearing leave from those rolled over from the previous calendar. After all, I will probably reach home quite later tomorrow night considering how far it is at one end of the island. Lol.

Backlog wise, cleared some titles this week and am still in the midst of drafting their respective entries. Haven’t been too diligent on this front though I am trying to prevent it from snowballing further and making it even harder to want to clear that writing ‘debt’. In any case, most of those entries would take a few more years before they get published so technically I can take my time as long as I set myself to finishing them. In any case, I have also already scheduled the entries for the rest of the week and the draft reserves continue to be slowly used up since there still isn’t sufficient fighting game videos to go around, or maybe I haven’t been too active clearing them and finding new videos to watch. And as I update my own blog ‘stats’ file, I see that the next anniversary for this blog is not all that far away so I guess a yearly ‘special’ entry will be coming in the near future.

Well then, I suppose that is all for this week, and as you can see, it is indeed not affected much by whether I am writing it now or half a day later. Lol. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hopefully I will still be around to do the next update. See you.



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