Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi

11 03 2017

Japanese title: 早海さんと呼ばれる日
Number of episodes: 10

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

Another family oriented drama, in here you can expect more of those dramatic moments whenever a problem crops up in the household and members try to get involved and resolve the issue they best can even though they aren’t exactly the best people for the job. The main star of the show is a so-called ‘outsider’ since she’s newly married to the eldest son of the family. Moreover, coming from a totally different financial and family background, it only adds on to her being an outsider, at least in the beginning.

Our main character is a really kind hearted, perhaps somewhat simple in her thinking and very straight in the way she does things, and those traits will inevitably make her involved in many matters, of course including the one that will start the ball rolling – being nice enough to move back into a tiny home to help look after her husband’s family when their all reliable mother decides to leave after ‘having enough’ for the past few decades.

I knew it is going to be difficult to avoid certain ‘cliches’ and indeed most of the plot is usually fairly predictable once the main issue is made known though not everytime the problem is resolved in the most elegant way. I suppose this ‘imperfection’ makes it more appropriate since in real life we don’t always settle our problems near an ideal manner anyway. But as with most family dramas, things are usually ended on a considerably positive note.

This isn’t the best family drama out there, but it is able to hold its own for most parts. However, as it suffers the fate of being predictable, it may prove to be a tad too boring for some to digest. If this genre is your kind of show, do take a look.

p.s. I wonder in those scenes where they had to make a huge mess of the place, how much preparation work had to be done before a successful shot could be made. Cleaning up after that must have been so ‘enjoyable’. Lol.




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