5 03 2017

Oh man, it’s already pretty late at night on the last day of the weekend, this is probably one of the latest I’ve started writing for the weekly update in recent months as far as I can recall. Well, I guess I have been too distracted doing other stuff. Then again, I don’t suppose there is a whole lot to write about anyway like usual, so I think I will still make it in time for the day.

As usual, let’s start off with work stuff. For the past week, I would say that it has been relatively peaceful and I sort of correctly “predicted” a need to clear some other task though it was not assigned entirely under me but decided to start on the other parts since the other guy is pretty busy with another huge feature and I had to wait for my tasks to be ready so might as well. Other than that, I would say the week was okay and there’s even a quarterly review now. Strangely, the feedback I got and what I heard others saying about me seem to have some noticeable difference but I suppose the official one should be the one that I should trust right. Anyhow, I suppose it seems like I am sort of doing things right (mostly), so I guess I can continue in a similar fashion in the days ahead. We shall see how it goes then.

Anyway, the week’s entries have been scheduled despite my late writing this week. There is slightly more fighting game videos this week, thanks to the release of another DLC character, so yup, less of the reserves being tapped on this week but generally still slowly depleting it. My writing backlog is also pretty atrocious this week, and I guess I will try to slowly reduce it over the course of the coming week, or have to spend some day dedicated to catching up on that. Ah well, not that it’s all that important I suppose. =P  Yesterday I also met up with some friends and I realised that there are some things which really require a lot of planning and information gathering in order to make a sound decision, though currently I would say many of these things do not exactly require my attention at the moment. Ah well, good to know that I have actually some basic knowledge on some of those matters which is a little surprising. I guess that’s because I never really sat down and thought that hard about those stuff.

Well then, I guess that’s all for this week’s update. And I think I’m too easily distracted this week. Got to fix that soon. Meanwhile, take care and I might have to write next week’s entry a little earlier, otherwise it is almost a guarantee it would have to be made up the next day or something.

p.s. as to what the title means, you can try to make a guess =P




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