Omoni Naitemasu

3 03 2017


Japanese title: 主に泣いてます
Number of episodes: 8

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

Another short drama series, and each episode is also the shorter kind as compared to a ‘traditional’ one. Perhaps due to some themes, or way of expressions, this is aired during a later timeslot though the quality of the storyline probably does not exactly make prime time slots anyway.

Anyhow, it’s about this girl who gets in all sorts of trouble because any (normal) man who looks at her will be totally mesmerized and start doing crazy things in order to get hold of her for themselves. Well, considering it is adapted from a manga, the exaggerated scenarios are actually not that big of a surprise. Somehow the actress undertaking that very role didn’t quite seem to capture my attention much though at some angles she reminded me of someone else (in a good way).

Ok that aside, there are also some things mentioned in the series but probably not so directly regarding life and handling some of the matters in it. Or perhaps it is me overthinking again. Either way, the main focus is on the exaggeration of scenarios as well as trying to be funny but on many occasions it falls short of being hilarious. Again, it might be due to me being unable to appreciate such style of humour.

The series doesn’t have a “standard” happy ending format though it is generally still on a positive note. I can’t say this was an enjoyable series but somehow I could finish it without feeling like thrashing it from the start. I wonder why…

p.s. it turns out that the ending theme is one of the songs played on the online stream that I listen to while at work. Lol…not that it matters very much right? And note the start date! Lol…




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