GTO (2012) SP2

2 03 2017


Japanese title: GTO 正月スペシャル! 冬休みも熱血授業だ
Number of episodes: 1

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

The 2nd special episode of the 2012 remake of the classic Jdrama series, it aired in early January if I recall correctly. However, it remains as yet another not so impressive episode with not a lot to offer in terms of character development etc. Of course, we get to see our favourite hot blooded teacher, his pals and of course his students.

It is pretty much a standalone episode, being not really a direct sequel to events that happened in the main series + special 1, though the core characters remain unchanged (I can’t recognise/remember every student though). Some things do remain the same though – students get into trouble, and the teacher will try his best to save/rescue them while teaching them some values of life and stuff rather than textbook knowledge.

If anything, the trouble this time is somewhat bigger, dealing with a more organised syndicate which preys on students. But of course we all know how it ends even without watching the episode. Storyline wise, I would say that it is really not very interesting even though some of the characters do try to liven things up, or provide some form of eye candy for the viewers. Of course, that is not going to be sufficient in the grand scheme of things and I feel this remake + specials have yet to leave some sort of (positive) impression on me.

And it seems like there will be a 3rd special episode in a couple of months’ time (based on time of draft). By the time this entry gets published I think I should have watched the 3rd special and probably even drafted it. Nonetheless, at this point in time I hope the coming one will have something better/good to offer. Till then…




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