Cleanup Weekend

26 02 2017

Well technically, not a whole lot of clean up was done this time, but I guess some stuff were indeed cleared from the house/storeroom, so I suppose it is still something. More on that later, if I still remember to write about it when that time comes =P

As usual, let’s start with work stuff. As it was a shorter work week for me since I took a day off as part of spreading out my rolled over leave so it was still a relatively acceptable week in that sense. It also marks the first official week of moving to the new platform for issue tracking and I suppose people are still getting used to it. Actually I am also adapting to it since it has been a while since I last used it, and how it is being used here is also slightly different, but I suppose I am mostly used to it already. There should be some work waiting for me to clear when I head back tomorrow, assuming that the stuff was completed while I was away. Guess I will catch up on that and see what else awaits me for the week ahead. After enjoying a long weekend, I don’t suppose I am looking forward to a full working week in the days ahead, for reasons I would prefer not to share here just yet. =P

For the blog stuff, of course by this time (it’s considered late for my weekly update), I have already scheduled the entries for the coming week and as with how most of the year has gone so far, I will continue to tap on my old reserves to make up the numbers once more. Nothing particularly special I guess. Lol, and I think this trend would probably continue until the fighting game titles of the year begin to release, or that there will be more eSports tournament matches for me to look at. Backlog wise, I suppose I am indeed clearing stuff at a rate slower than last year, but I find it more relaxing these days since I am really trying to watch it for leisure purposes rather than for the sake of meeting “targets”.

Now, for the topic related to the title, I spent some time during this artificially created long weekend finding some stuff which has been “buried” for like a decade, in preparation for something which I have to attend in a few weeks’ time. It wasn’t a pleasant time digging up stuff from the storeroom, as you can imagine there would be quite some dust around these things and it is actually quite warm in that small space. Ah well, and along the way I realised there are quite some stuff which can be thrown, either “expired” or no longer usable. To some, this is probably a much delayed spring cleaning which probably should have been done some time ago, but well, I am not exactly hardworking enough to deal with these stuff if there was no pressing need to.

Hmm, I guess that’s all for this week. Nothing too interesting again I suppose, not that it comes as a surprise or anything. This also marks the final update of the month. See you next time then.




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