Lucky 7 SP

25 02 2017

Lucky 7 SP

Japanese title: ラッキーセブン Special
Number of episodes: 1

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

A special episode for the fairly well received series, it is not really a direct sequel per se, but it does happen after the events in the main series. The core cast of the agency are all gathered once again, and needless to say the entire (2 hour) episode will be focused mainly on a new case that they have stumbled upon with their new client’s request.

In my opinion, it still pretty much follows the style and formula that have been used in the main series so if you are looking for something different in these aspects, then you are probably not going to find very much. For those who like the kind of interaction between members of the agency, there will be quite a number of occasions where they will come into play.

The case can definitely be made much shorter in my opinion, especially when the bad guy eventually was taken down rather “easily”. To be honest I was kind of disappointed on how things played out in the end. Somehow, it lacks something essential and made it look like quite… lame. I guess the (few) action sequences are still fairly good, maintaining a standard above most other Jdrama series I have seen, but it only forms that little bit in the entire episode. Definitely not enough to save the show if you get what I mean. Perhaps that’s why the viewership rating for this special episode isn’t that high.

From how the episode wrapped up, anything goes should they want to make a sequel in the form of another series, special episode or even movie. But judging from the reception this time round, perhaps such plans will not be materialised any time soon (or I could be wrong).




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