Higashino Keigo Mysteries

23 02 2017


Japanese title: 東野圭吾ミステリーズ
Number of episodes: 11

Some info:
1) DramaWiki
2) Official Site (Japanese)

For those who are not unfamiliar with Japanese drama or even movies should probably find the name at least vaguely familiar. Yup, he’s the author of many adaptations that have been made into drama series or movies and here we have a series dedicated to his stories in a form of a series, except that it is a collection of a bunch of stories rather than a single main plot. While I have not read any of his written work, I suppose these stories are more of a short story nature hence it is able to be fit into a single episode for an individual story.

As such, each episode pretty much stands on its own, with a different cast for each of them. In some sense it is like having 11 separate special episodes, except they air on consecutive weeks, and the length is like your average drama episode rather than that of a special episode. The cast for each episode features some very familiar faces, hence it is like having a really huge and star studded cast.

However, the very same thing dictates that having these prominent people playing their roles naturally mean that they have some core role in that particular mystery case, just a matter of which side they are on which one can attempt/figure out after watching. In some sense, it becomes a ‘natural’ spoiler. Lol, and perhaps audience may be even more selective and only watch those episodes with cast that they are more interested in.

Most of the cases are pretty straightforward because mainly due to the limited time each of them have and hence some of the thrill and fun because it is rather short. Of course, some are more interesting to me than others, and I am quite sure it will differ from person to person depending on which type of stories is to their liking. But overall I think the stories are still fairly decent. I suppose they did go through the trouble to pick a set of different stories for this series as I am sure there are way more works to choose from. Considering some of the other adapted works, this series is certainly less outstanding than those that I have watched, but it’s still worth a look. =)




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