Positive Change or Awful Migration

19 02 2017

It’s time for my weekly update once more, and to be honest, the time now isn’t exactly the best time to be blogging. In fact, I should go to sleep soon so I will probably make this a quick affair. Then again, it is not like there will be much content like usual anyway.

Starting with work, I suppose the week was a mix of busy and not so busy. Well, there will always be stuff to work on, but I suppose there will be some major transition coming my way, and judging from the way it was introduced and the restrictions set in place, I expect the acceptance of it to be pretty slow at the beginning. Not sure if it will actually improve the work process, though at the moment I would say it is not looking all that good in my opinion. I guess have to see how it unfolds when it is really put into use. At least on my end, I have kind of understood how the UI has updated and perhaps some of the UX too. Just have to adapt to whatever style they decide to put into place, which hopefully wouldn’t be too weird. The coming week should probably be a better week ahead, since I have already manually made it a long weekend at the end of the week.

Not surprisingly, I have already scheduled the other entries for the rest of the week and yup once again there isn’t enough fighting game videos to cover the entire week so more reserves shall be tapped upon. Also, I haven’t been clearing a whole lot of backlog recently so it seems my “performance” on my blog has not been as good as the previous year. That said, I guess I have been relatively lazy on the writing front too, since I have some entries waiting for me to start work on (apart from the template already made) which I think I will do so later in the day (after I wake up). In the meantime, I should probably head off to get my proper sleep. Take care and I shall be back in a week’s time.

p.s. if you haven’t realised, this was written in advance =P




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