The Dark Knight Rises

16 02 2017

Rating: PG
Running time: 165 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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4) Official Site (English)

Probably one of the most anticipated movies of 2012, but it’s no surprise considering the success of its prequel – The Dark Knight. As I have heard some of the shortcomings from friends etc, I figured it probably wouldn’t be an epic masterpiece like some might have been expecting so I suppose my expectations ‘bar’ was not raised too high. As such, the movie still manages to come out as indeed one of the better movies of the year, at least for those which I have watched (thus far).

The state of Gotham continues from the previous movie and the style of directing and visual presentation continues in similar fashion as well. Visuals wise, can see that much efforts were put into many of the scenes which required quite a bit of post production, probably for the 3D and whatnot though I didn’t catch this in its 3D version. Don’t think I’m missing out a lot on that aspect though. Scenes were planned and they certainly did not scrimp on the number of extras needed for some of those scenes. It looked really crowded at some points. Lol.

As for the main plot of the movie, I wouldn’t want to spoil it here (assuming there are still people who have not caught this), but I would say that the main villain is not as convincing as Joker, nor is able to strike the fearful atmosphere/feel that should be a part of it considering its another state crisis which forces Batman to return to the front lines to deal with such villains. No doubt the villain may be violent and merciless to his underlings, but somehow towards the common people he lacks some kind brutality/cruelty which can bring out the ugliness of human nature. Perhaps in some sense, I’m influenced by the prequel in these aspects since I was hoping to at least have a villain which has at least a similar level of impact (ideally higher) in this movie which is meant to round up the series.

While the movie is meant to be the final installment of the series, the way the series ended *can* be made into further spinoffs/sequels for future productions but I think if this is really meant to be the last of the director’s intention for the time being, perhaps it will really remain so until someone else (perhaps) decides to make their own adaptation for this popular DC character. Overall, in my opinion it does not go one up over its prequel, it is still a pretty fine movie. My take: 7/10

p.s. I like the subtle humour/jokes from time to time. Heh




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