Eagle Eye

15 02 2017

Rating: PG
Running time: 118 minutes
Now out on DVD and Blu-ray!

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4) Official Site (English)

From the title of the movie, one would expect it has something related to having a vision from above seeing many things, or at least that’s how I felt. With the opening of the movie, it seems to involve some national matters with the military involved in its anti-terrorism movements overseas. But then, our main lead seems to be not related to the armed forces, so how do things come together?

Of course, the movie will move along and eventually should link up all the people and events. In this movie, the process is actually quite important, as viewers are led by the nose to how the plot unfolds. I was just as clueless as the main characters of the story initially, seeing them being dragged into all sorts of situations merely through instructions they receive through calls, with many events going the way as mentioned flawlessly as though someone was really watching their every move and making the corresponding actions in real time. Yup, I guess you could that the eagle eye aspect has begun from this point, but the real truth behind all of the events will only come many, many minutes later.

While it is inevitable to spoil the story a little, the idea of having an AI so smart that it can have its own will and judgement that overrides its implementation and taking things into their own ‘hands’ probably isn’t the newest of ideas now, but involving very ordinary folks doing relatively crazily bigger things might be something slightly different from the usual fare. Okay, while I do not dispute the vulnerability of having many things linked together by network and the theoretical possibility of controlling it all there are still some limitations to what a computer can do without actually ‘instigating’ physical intervention/action from real humans. There are several examples in the movie but some of them are really quite… unreal. Lol. And of course finally, with supposedly such a capable system, its ultimate plan execution is kind of a let down, which is definitely intentional so that the hero can ‘save the day’. For all its swiftness in getting things in motion earlier in the movie, why does the last and most important move have to be N notches slower…?

Overall, the movie really could have been better than it is right now despite not having the most fantastic of ideas. In the end, I can’t really give it too high of a score as there are more unentertaining moments than otherwise. While the score will be a “pass mark”, it is actually on the lower spectrum of my usual range that I give. My take: 5.5/10



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