Moving On From 2012

12 02 2017

It’s that time of the week again, and as to what the title means, I will cover it later on though I think for those who have been following my blog would probably make a guess on what that might be. Ah well, time to go back to the usual ‘format’ then.

First up, work stuff. By this week, pretty much everyone is back from their CNY holidays, which also means that stuff will move along more briskly now. That means work is pretty busy right now, and every day is full of things to do. For now, it seems the tasks at hand are nearing completion if nothing major crops up, so it’ll be good to wraps things up soon, and I will need to see what awaits me beyond that. It also seems that a major change is coming, but to what extent and effect this change will bring, really depends on how the people are going to use it. Well, I shall see how it pans out, and if it ends up being less effective than what I used to work with, then I can only say that it will be yet another disappointment added to my list. For the time being, I will continue to have an open mind that it will improve things, or at least organise things significantly better.

For the coming week’s entries, they have already been scheduled. And since there aren’t much videos which I have cleared this week (actually, the subscribed channels also didn’t have as much content lately) so there will be more drafts from the reserves making it to the ‘Live’ environment. And with that, it will finally deplete my entries from 2012 (thus the title?) and I suppose from the next time onwards (I’m guessing the following week) will see entries from the next calendar year. Hahaha. In any case, it seems my drafting this year thus far hasn’t been all that much. I guess I have really slowed down in terms of clearing shows, but it is not like my clearing of other stuff have been really good either. Hmm, think I should sit down and evaluate what is wrong with my time management in some sense. Oh well, guess I am not having such a good start to the year then. Haha.

Somehow, I feel as though I am missing something from this entry, but I can’t seem to figure out what that might be. In that case, I suppose I shall end my little weekly update now and go enjoy the remaining hours of this short weekend. A full week ahead again, and I am certainly not looking forward a whole lot. =P Take care and I shall see you next week.




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